Trends come and go, and some stick around longer than others, but one new jewelry trend is surging in popularity and is likely to stay for a long time, maybe even permanently.

Credit: Made You Look
Permanent bracelets, also known as forever bracelets, have been around for a few years, but thanks to TikTok videos of friends and family members getting these accessories together, the trend has taken off. 

If you're wondering what permanent bracelets are exactly, or if they really are permanent, you're not alone. There are a lot of questions that naturally pop up with any new trend. Read on to learn everything you need to know about the trend of permanent bracelets.

What is a Permanent Bracelet?
A permanent bracelet is similar to any other bracelet, except instead of having a clasp you can do and undo, the ends are welded together. This is done by professionals in the jewelry store where you pick out your bracelet. Once it is welded on, there's no unclasping or slipping it off to remove it at the end of the day. Because of this, permanent bracelets are generally light and minimal. 

Is it Permanent?
Permanent bracelets aren't permanent in the way tattoos are. The bracelet itself can be cut off should you decide you no longer want to wear it. However, they got their name because the bracelet can't be slipped on and off at will like others can.

Does it Hurt?
No, not at all. The welding is done by trained professionals, and despite how close it looks in videos, the zap to weld the ends together never makes contact with your skin and the whole process is over in seconds.

How Much Does it Cost and Where Can You Get it Done?
Prices range by shop and the type of bracelet you choose. There is usually a flat fee for the welding, and the cost of the bracelet is usually priced by material and length. Not all jewelry stores offer permanent bracelets, so search online for quality jewelry stores offering this service.

Who Can You Get a Permanent Bracelet With?
One of the best things about permanent bracelets is that while it's about the jewelry, it's also about the experience. This makes it a great gift to give to a friend, family member, partner or anyone you want to have a daily reminder of sitting on your wrist. 

You can also get a permanent bracelet on your own, perhaps to mark a significant event or occasion in your life, or just because you're sick of struggling with clasps and want a permanent accessory.

One of the best things about permanent bracelets, as with any jewelry, is that it can be customized and personalized to suit your specific taste and style. The next time you're struggling to come up with a gift idea for your mom or sister, or trying to think of a fun bonding activity for your circle of friends, consider getting a permanent bracelet and make it your own.