Every tourist wants to experience a fun, hassle-free, and convenient stay in Orlando. For this reason, you would be foolish to rush into booking a resort without prior research and planning. Why? Because the accommodation you choose will determine if you are in the middle of the magic or feel a million miles away from the city’s best theme parks and attractions.

Also, each resort and hotel will provide different rooms and suites, activities, and dining options, which will make or break your vacation. Instead of winging it and leaving it to chance, plan an ideal getaway by reading this beginner’s guide to choosing an Orlando accommodation.

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Pick an Off-Site Hotel in Orlando
Disney resorts in Orlando are well-known for their expensive room rates. Yet, you don’t need to spend a substantial sum to visit the Sunshine State thanks to the fact you can choose from many reasonably priced off-site hotels and resorts.

In fact, Westgate Resorts has many accommodation options in Kissimmee that are just a short drive away from Walt Disney World Resort, Universal Orlando Resorts, and SeaWorld, to name a few attractions.

For instance, Westgate Lakes Resort & Spa provides more than a comfortable place to rest your head while being close enough to all the action. The property’s elegant, spacious villas will allow you to recharge in style after a tiring day at a theme park, and there are accommodation options to suit small to large families or groups of friends.

In addition, you and your loved ones can have fun at the 161,000-gallon Treasure Cove Water Park, lounge under the sun on the lazy river, or play basketball, tennis, or mini-golf. You can also visit a number of restaurants, an upscale spa, and a fitness center. Sounds like the perfect Orlando vacation? Find out more at https://www.westgateresorts.com.

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Select the Best Place to Stay for Your Needs
Of course, it is crucial to consider your itinerary before choosing a hotel. If you select the wrong spot, you may need to spend a substantial sum on transportation to visit your desired theme parks, attractions, and natural wonders. 

Remember, O-Town may have the highest concentration of theme parks on the planet, but it is also home to many lakes, streams, parks, and walking trails, which are all worth your time when enjoying a vacation in the Sunshine State.

If your goal is to explore the city’s best stores, exceptional restaurants, and the famous Orlando Science Center, look no further than Downtown Orlando. What’s more, this area is also near some of the best nightclubs in the city and the iconic Lake Eola Park, which no tourist should miss.

On the other hand, several miles southwest of Downtown Orlando is International Drive – a popular place with many tourists looking to explore the best of Orlando. You can hop onto the I-Ride trolley and easily travel to the best theme parks and attractions while also having hundreds of restaurants, stores, and attractions on your doorstep.

However, if Universal Orlando Resort, Walt Disney World Resort, and Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition are at the top of your to-visit list, you can’t go wrong with choosing accommodation in Southwest Orlando.

Yet another destination you will not want to rule out is Kissimmee. Contrary to popular belief, it is a separate Florida city located south of Orlando and offers a central location for visiting some of the best theme parks, such as Walt Disney World Resort, Universal Orlando Resort, and SeaWorld Orlando. Also, Kissimmee is a more affordable option than Orlando resorts, as it boasts reasonable resort room rates. 

Alternatively, if you prefer to stay in a quieter part of Orlando near beautiful natural attractions, Lake Cherokee and South Eola are smart choices. If you choose South Eola, you can take your pick from cool craft brew pubs and charming cafes before taking a stroll in the beautiful South Eola Park that features a gorgeous lake, picnic spots, and paddleboat rentals. However, if you pick Lake Cherokee, you can enjoy a more residential feel amid an idyllic location perfect for exploring the city’s best parks, including Cherokee Park, Al Coith Park, Delaney Park, and Lake Davis Park.

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Go Camping
If you want to save money and are happy to sleep under the stars, camping might be an ideal option for you and your loved ones. Still, you mustn’t overlook the city’s climate before pitching a tent since Florida enjoys plenty of rain and a hot climate throughout the year. For this reason, you should bring equipment to help you adapt to the state’s intense weather and temperature. 

The best campgrounds in Florida can fill up quickly, especially during weekends, so you will need to reserve a spot at a campsite in advance to avoid disappointment. In most cases, you will receive complimentary parking at your chosen camp for one motorized vehicle.

The top campsites in Orlando include:
Disney’s Fort Wilderness 
Bill Frederick Park at Turkey Lake (a 20-minute drive from Downtown Orlando)
Lake Mills Park (RV options are available at the campsite in Seminole County)
Moss Park Campground (a 20-minute journey to Walt Disney World Resort)

The above campsites will provide all the beauty of the outdoors and are near the most popular theme parks and attractions in Orlando. Plus, you will enjoy the best of both worlds throughout your stay; you can embark on scenic walking trails, stargazing, and outdoor pursuits between rollercoaster rides, shopping, and hugs with Disney characters.

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Consider the Vacation Length

Your vacation length may determine the accommodation you need. If you’re a solo traveler or a couple, you might be more flexible with what facilities and amenities you need – no matter how long you intend to stay for. However, if you stay with children for more than a week, you may prefer to rent a villa or condo during a getaway. 

A villa or condo is a wise option for small or large families visiting for more than a couple of weeks, as they will have access to a full kitchen, laundry facilities, and a more private setting. It’s also the perfect pick for those who want to cook meals throughout their stay, wash their clothing, or enjoy some privacy when their children have a temper tantrum.

Additionally, many vacation rentals allow guests to use the facilities at an adjoined hotel. For example, Westgate Vacation Villas is attached to Westgate Town Center Resort, and guests can enjoy access to the same amenities at both, such as the fun water park, many dining options, onsite activities, and a whopping 14 pools.

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Plan an Itinerary
Before you book a resort, hotel, or villa, you would be smart to create a rough itinerary for your trip to Orlando (or Kissimmee). You can then identify how you will spend your days in the city, so you will know what you need from an accommodation provider.

For instance, if you want to spend half your day at a theme park and the other half relaxing, dining, and having fun at a hotel, choose a flexible, comfortable resort that provides plenty of restaurants, onsite activities, and amenities. This will ensure you never feel bored during your downtime between theme parks. 

On the other hand, if you plan to spend most of your days exploring the city’s natural wonders or venturing off the beaten track, a simple guest room at a comfortable hotel might be all you need.

Source: Instagram, posted on May 14th, 2022, Universal Orlando’s official profile.

Choose the Best Time to Visit
There is never a bad time to visit Orlando, as the magic of Disney is available 365 days a year. However, if you are worried about crowds forming at resorts or attractions, it’s wise to visit anytime when American children and teens are in school. 

Busy periods to avoid include summer break (May to August/June to Mid-August), fall break (usually one or two weeks in September or October), winter break (often a week in February or March), and spring break (a week in March or April that includes Easter holidays). Also, bear in mind that Thanksgiving Week and Christmas are the busiest times of year in Orlando.

If you want to skip the crowds and your calendar allows, visit O-Town between early June and late August since it’s one of the quietest times in the city. Choose a time that makes the most sense for you and your loved ones, as you must factor your finances, work responsibilities, and school schedules into your decision.

There are many factors to consider before booking accommodation in Orlando. An off-site resort is a wise alternative to pricey Disney resorts, allowing you to save money without skimping on fun. 

Also, consider an accommodation’s location and itinerary before reserving a room, suite, or villa; this will determine your proximity to your desired theme parks, entertainment, dining options, and natural attractions. 

However, you can skip a cozy bed altogether by pitching a tent or reserving a cabin at one of the various campsites dotted across Orlando. Yet, as liberating and fun as this option may be, you will still need to consider the city’s climate before reserving a spot to ensure you and your family feel comfortable and safe day and night.