It’s incomplete when the other partner isn’t satisfied. However, it is essential to note that satisfaction does not only depend on the intensity of the sex. There are some important facts that should be considered when it comes to having sex. Most times, the men tend to overlook these things and term them as “less important” however; some of these “less important” acts have destroyed some relationships. 

So, if you are wondering what most ladies enjoy the most during sex, you might be surprised that none of them or just a few of them are what you have been practicing. If your partner is kind enough, they may let you participate in some of these things. On the other hand, if they are not, it might be the end of such relationship. So, if you are willing to know what these things are, you should focus on the following. 

Here are some of the key important things to note when having sex with your partner. 

Use your penis less often:
Don’t be surprised that most ladies think in this line. In fact, a handful of them would want you to forget you have a penis, at least for a bit. Small gestures in intimacy go a long way, and one of them is by doing all it takes to make sure your woman is pleasured, even if that means you forgetting that you have a penis for some time. Embracing foreplay and focusing on them is one of the most important items on this list. Selflessness when it comes to sex might appear a little lesser than you’d expect, but most ladies hold it in high esteem. Some HD porn videos are such that they’ve portrayed this act, so you can always learn a thing or two about selflessness from some of these clips. 

Pay more attention to their body language:
While having sex, it is essential that you know that it’s not entirely about your pleasure alone. If you have sex with the mentality of getting satisfied alone, then not only are you selfish, you are preparing the relationship for ruin. According to studies, it takes an average woman about 20 minutes to be fully aroused. Men, on the other hand, could take lesser. So, there’s need for you to follow the pace and find the rhythm. You shouldn’t rush things; ensure you pay attention to her body language. How does she react to foreplay? How does she respond when you touch her ears? And so on. These will not only help you pleasure her the more, it helps to establish the fact that you aren’t particular about your own orgasm, instead, you just want to pleasure her. Don’t be too hard or rough (unless she wants you to), because vaginal walls are delicate and once it gets too rough, she might experience tears, which is a no-no for some ladies. If she’s the type that loves conversation while having sex, keep the conversations going while the sex follows the pace of the conversation. 

Have a discussing what they like:
Don’t make assumption about what she’d like and what she wouldn’t on bed without first having the conversation with her. This is one of the mistakes most men make. They seem to underestimate how freaky their partner could get in bed. On the other hand, some misinterpret intentions and such have caused the relationship to suffer some drawbacks sexually. There’s a reason why you are called partners, decisions are not made based on assumption; instead, you discuss and come to a specific conclusion. The same is done when it comes to the topic of sex. Don’t assume your partner would like BDSM and boom, you introduced cuffs and gags like you see in most HD porn videos. It might be termed domestic abuse, and you don’t want that from your wife. On the other hand, don’t assume your partner won’t enjoy it if you use sex toys on her. You’d be surprised that she has wanted it for so long. So, instead of assuming or making guesses, ensure you have the conversation with them. Discuss like adults, and you’d be surprised at how much you have been doing the wrong way. The moment you get these little details right, the relationship begins to take a new turn, and it starts looking like you just met your partner. 

A relationship majorly comprises two individuals, on the basis of this, decisions are democratic, so, ensure you always consider your partner’s perspectives, and respect their opinions. If you want your relationship to be strong sexually, and you want your partner to stay happy sexually, do it her way!