Fantastic news that you got accepted into your dream university! Now we get to the tough part of choosing accommodation which is essentially going to be your home, your private corner where you retreat to for comfort in a foreign country. Picking accommodation is always a tough decision because you may have plenty of options but you have to consider a whole lot of factors before you zero in on one. 

Students usually get torn between on-campus housing options and private student accommodation. On-campus housing might prove to be a smart decision if the only factor we were considering would be proximity to the university. But since that’s not the case, we aim to list the various points where private student accommodation trumps its on-campus housing counterpart. 

Advantages Of Private Student Accommodation Near Your University
Opting for private student accommodation near your university ensures you can make a home away from home minus many of the restrictions that come with choosing on-campus housing options. You have a great many options of student accommodation in london to choose from. Let us take a look at why private student accommodation near your university is a smarter choice.

Affordability: Private student accommodation tends to be quite easy-on-the-pocket as compared to its on-campus counterpart. Several students find on-campus housing very expensive in regards to the amenities it provides. Private accommodation gets you the best rates in otherwise expensive cities.

Amenities: Many students agree that the amenities provided at private accommodation centres are high quality, modern and much more as opposed to on-campus accommodation. Couple this with economical rates and you have a winner! From bedroom and bathroom facilities to kitchen equipment and storage space, private accommodation ensures a more than pleasant stay for students in the city. 

Socialisation: Having a space in a private student accommodation centre ensures students get the best opportunities to socialise with their counterparts. Private accommodation usually provides an array of socialising areas like an outdoor or courtyard area where students get together to throw a BBQ party or other such fun event, a games room to blow off some steam, a gym room, a common lounge area and sometimes even a cinema room to watch your favourite movies with your friends! This gives students a great opportunity to socialise with not only their classmates but students from other courses and universities too.

Safety and Security: Student accommodation Birmingham strives to provide a safe and secure environment for students to call home while away at university in a foreign country. The facilities are equipped with 24x7 CCTV cameras and on-site management and maintenance teams students can reach out to for support whenever they are in need. However, on-campus accommodation cannot usually boast safe and secure premises due to a lack of security facilities. 

Convenient Locations: One of the most important factors students look for is the convenience with regards to location while zeroing in on a student accommodation property. While many argue that on-campus seems to be the obvious choice when it comes to location, it is not very difficult to find quality private student accommodation just a stone’s throw away from the university. Due to the private options situated so close to university, they have become the number one choice for students. To top it off, their strategic locations make them close to the city centre and flanked by transport links making every nook and cranny of the city as well as neighbouring towns easily accessible. 

Sense of Community: Staying at a private student accommodation builds a sense of community among its residents. Whether you need help at an inconvenient hour or need a study partner or are looking for a friend to navigate the confusion that is university, you are highly likely to find someone just a door or two down. 

Deciding on what to choose right before you set off to a different country may seem a daunting task. There are a handful of factors to take into consideration before you make your final decision and we hope to have broken down all the perks you can enjoy while opting for a private student accommodation centre close to your university.