Whether you’re travelling the world or just having a weekend get away in a new city, travelling can be stressful! There so many things that can go wrong and in the run up to your departure date, it can get pretty overwhelming, only for you to feel the same on the run up to the day you return!

There are quite a few ways that frequent travellers recommend you remain calm and stress-free, and we’ve taken a look at this advice. We’ve whittled it down to seven different tips for a stress-free time – take a look below to find out more.

Know your flight details
This probably seems like an obvious tip, but knowing your flight details, including times, will help you to feel like you know what is going on! Getting to the airport as early as possible and checking in can calm any anxiety about missing your flight and gives you time to relax before boarding.

Sort out your airport transfer and means of travel before you fly
This is essential if you don’t want to be hanging around at the airport after you’ve landed. Ensure you have airport transfer booked and that you know where you need to go to get on this transfer.

If you have decided to use your own car, using a company like a1autotransport.com to have your car moved overseas, you need to make sure all of the details are sorted out before you arrive so there is no confusion!

Change your currency before you go
Lots of people make the mistake of thinking they can just change their money while they’re aboard, but it is actually easier to do it beforehand and you may get better rates! Having money to hand when you land is an easy way to remain stress free while travelling.

You may also want to carry your debit or credit cards when you’re travelling to always have a backup. Check out your card issuers regulations on spending aboard so that you’re not caught off guard by any fees.

Check in online if possible
Some airports and flight providers now allow you to check in for your flight online. This is great for your return journey, especially if you’re relying on others for travel to the airport, as it can give you peace of mind that you’re already checked in.

Online check in also means one less thing to do when you get to the airport, and it can free up time for browsing duty-free!

Pack adaptors
Lots of frequent travellers have advised this and we have to agree. There’s nothing worse than getting to your destination only to find you can’t use any of your electronics when you’re there! When packing, ensure you put in at least one adaptor for the country you’re headed too!

A neat little trick that many have shared is to pack one adaptor and a power strip so that you have multiple ports for your electronics but only need to one adaptor to power them all up!

Research the country you’re headed too
Whether it’s the kind of food you can eat while there or the Covid-19 guidelines, you’re going to need to know what is going on in your country of choice for your travels. It is best to know certain important details before you land so you’re not caught off guard.

Try googling things like the cultural and social cues for having a pleasant trip as well as appropriate clothing, the kind of cuisines you’ll see out there, and a few key phrases in the national language. To make your trip as smooth as possible.

Have a plan
Whether the plan is to simply relax or you’re going to be darting from tourist spot to tourist spot, having a plan can make your trip run smoothly and can help to settle any nerves about what it is you’re going to be doing on your travels.

You don’t need to stick rigidly to it when you’re there as circumstances change, but making it should ease your worries.