One reason why individuals branch out into freelancing is to make more money. Freelancers represent themselves and their brand. Their income depends on their output, rain or shine.

No matter where you start on the income scale, room for growth always exists. It also depends on your field, niche, and number of hours that you dedicate to this venture.

A simple way to add value to yourself is to turn projects in on time or before the deadline. When you create trust with your clients, they might increase your workload. 

The following are seven ways freelancers can add to their value and make more money. 

1. Understand the Trends

Since the late 2000s, technology has ushered in several changes quickly. If you watch television shows from the 1990s, you’ll notice that smartphones and computers were non-existent. 

In 2022, freelancers own a smartphone, laptop, backup drive, and other technology-based gadgets. Moreover, they take them everywhere they go.

The rapid changes mean that the trends shift rapidly too. Entrepreneurs who keep up with the trends in their niche add value to themselves and their output.

Companies have gained confidence in working with freelancers. If you keep up with the trends, it saves time for companies. You are already in the know.

2. Create Tiered Packages

Sometimes you need to create added value. Nail salons present tiered package options to clients. If you request a basic manicure and pedicure, the technicians will show you a menu of other services.

The basic mani/pedi is great. However, you might enjoy the spa version of the service too.

Simply the suggestion of the spa version encourages clients to take the technicians up on their offer.

Freelancers can use the same strategy for their services. Some clients do want graphs and images included in their SEO-optimized content.

Then, when you invoice your clients, ensure that the paperwork is clear. If you need some invoicing tips, check out this post from Gigly.

3. Upsell

Now that you have created tiered packages for your services, upsell. It’s not necessary to hard-sell clients. 

Instead, provide a brief consultation before starting the project. The session becomes your opportunity to suggest add-on services. 

For example, you can purchase a basic car wash service every time your vehicle requires cleaning. You can also purchase a pack of car washes with waxing included.

Freelancers benefit from becoming comfortable with their salesmanship side. Then, you can learn the art of the upsell.

4. Become an Authority

Whether you freelance as a piano tutor, mechanic, or web designer, you can establish yourself as an authority in your niche. Add a blog section to your website, and post your thoughts on the latest innovations, trends, and experiences.

Public speaking is another way to establish yourself as an authority. Plus, it garners attention to your services. When you garner corporate attention, it often leads to bigger paydays.

5. Turn Projects In Early

When you turn in your projects matters. Some clients notice that you turn in the work before the deadline. 

In some cases, this helps the client keep moving the other pieces of the project forward. 

Once you become a reliable partner, your income will increase either in pay per project or volume.

6. Keep the Lines of Communication Open

Freelancers should set a schedule. For example, make yourself available during your client’s business hours. In most cases, their hours will match the typical 9 to 5 schedule.

During these hours, answer emails, messages, and notifications from your clients promptly. 

Sometimes you will receive inquiries from them outside of this window. To add value, keep the lines of communication open outside of business hours too within reason.

7. Build Your Brand

As you complete projects, use them to build your brand. Create a portfolio and post it to your social media accounts. Plus, add it to your website and other online platforms.

If you use a freelancing platform to obtain projects, add links to your online portfolio. Clients want to see your past work to judge if you’re a good fit for their current needs.

When they see you as a match, you can gain more work. Plus, the magic of SEO helps lucrative contracts find their way to you.


A freelancer is an entrepreneur. Entrepreneurs know that their brand and income rely on their performance. To add value to yourself and make more money keep up with the trends, upsell, and continue building your brand.