Cutting ties with your timeshare purchase is notoriously difficult. The salespeople are trained to push and push, even when you insist on ending your contract. Using a variety of persuasion and deflection, salespeople at timeshare companies don't ever seem to back down and fulfill their customers' requests. As a result, people are dissatisfied with their customer experience and feel stuck with their contracts.  

The idea of a timeshare is intriguing. Cheaper vacations and partial ownership of properties at some of the hottest locations around the world sounds pretty difficult to beat. Well, as it turns out, it is too good to be true. 

No matter how much time you spend at the properties, you still have to cover fees, repairs, and other hidden charges as if you lived there full-time. You end up paying more than you would have just to save for a dream vacation. What a joke! 

Canceling a timeshare is a complicated process. So, before you get started keep two things in mind: 

1. You have a legal right to pursue your timeshare cancellation. No matter what the salespeople tell you, cancellation is absolutely possible.
2. Don't waste your time talking to sales representatives. They won't budge unless you have the negotiation skills of a lawyer. 

With the bad news of timeshare contracts being nothing new, timeshare companies are trying harder than before to force customers to stay. In the effort to get you out of this rabbit hole, here is the ultimate guide on how to cancel timeshare for good. 

Send A Cancellation Letter

Canceling a timeshare starts with a cancellation letter that you send to your timeshare developer. Send a brief letter to the address where you purchased your timeshare. Keep your letter short and concise and be sure to state all the necessary identification info like your contract number, your name and contact information, and other critical info that indicates that you are the owner of the contract. Beyond these essentials, and of course your cancellation statement, you can also put that you want to be reimbursed for your purchase. 

You might also ask for written confirmation that your letter was received and is being reviewed. Once your letter is sent in, give yourself a waiting period of about six months before pursuing other methods for cancellation. Canceling a timeshare requires patience as it takes time to process requests. Plus, with a company as fickle as Timeshare, you never really know where you are in the process. 

Give it some time, but not too much! If you really need to, you can reach out to your timeshare company on the phone. Just don’t expect miracles. It might be best to have a speech prepared beforehand so you can direct the conversation and hopefully be accommodated for your cancellation. This is a long shot, but it’s worth a try if you’ve exhausted other resources. 

Canceling A Timeshare Means Getting A Timeshare Lawyer 

Yes, some lawyers specialize in helping you get your timeshare canceled. The problem is that it's bad! Timeshare lawyers can negotiate with timeshare companies to end your contract using better negotiation tactics and strategy than someone outside of this profession. Canceling a timeshare on your own will only lead you to tactic-driven salespeople who are unwilling to fulfill your requests. 

If you've tried to speak with sales reps on your own and have gotten nowhere, a timeshare lawyer may be just what you need to make progress. Sometimes, it takes a professional to tie up loose ends. Do what you need to do in order to end your contract. It’s okay to get help! 

Obviously, lawyers cost money, but you will likely end up saving money that you would have been required to pay had you stuck with your timeshare contract. You win some, you lose some, and all of that is okay as long as you mostly win in the end! 

Work With An Exit Company

If a timeshare lawyer is just too expensive for you, you can also consider working with timeshare exit companies who will work to get your timeshare canceled. Canceling a timeshare is simpler when you rely on exit companies to get your timeshare cancellation settled. Canceling a timeshare is not as much of a headache when you have professionals working to achieve your cancellation. You don’t have to be the one to juggle expert negotiation skills to achieve cancellation. Leave it to the pros! 

Give Your Timeshare To Travelers 

Canceling a timeshare can also look like giving it away to travelers. If you have friends and family members who like to travel, see if any of them want to take over your timeshare. As long as they can cover the fees, the problem's out of your hands. For those young and ambitious travelers, a timeshare plan can be a cost-effective way to travel for a little while.

Look for people in their early 20s who are ready to see the world. With the increase in remote work, you might also be able to find digital nomads who would appreciate your timeshare for their work and travel lifestyle. Advertise that you’re looking to pass along your timeshare and see if there are any takers. Getting rid of your timeshare could be as simple as a listing on an ad-placement website. 

You can even rent out your timeshare if that seems more approachable. College kids looking to get away on spring break or summer vacation are good candidates for people who might want to rent your timeshare. 

Same with retirees who are looking to travel and make the most of their third act. Maybe there are some honeymooners looking for a deal? You never know until you look. 

Consider your options and brainstorm who the most reliable buyers might be near you. Reach out to extended relatives if you have to. An awkward phone call or two is worth getting rid of your unwanted contract and all of the stress it causes you. You really need to consider all of the options if you want to get your timeshare contract off your back. 

Sell Your Timeshare To A Reliable Buyer

It is hard to sell a timeshare, mainly because of the bad company reputation! You may need to spend extra money getting the proper advertising angle first before selling your timeshare. It may be difficult to narrow down interested buyers, but if you use marketing strategies to find the people you need, you can sell your timeshare for a low price. Canceling a timeshare requires flexibility, so, if you can find a reliable buyer, be open to the price they offer to pay. 

Canceling your timeshare, and achieving any goal really, is much easier to do when you’ve calculated the steps required to get to your desired outcome. To find the best buyers, a calculated step might be to consider looking into data software to see the kinds of people who click on your ads. You can more effectively narrow down your target buyers to find the right people for your timeshare takeover. 

You might even narrow your ads to specific locations to find those most-likely to use timeshares or travel on a budget. You can also target your ad for age ranges if you find that specific age groups are more likely to utilize timeshares near you. Consider hiring an advertising professional to help you with this process. 

The Bottom Line: Canceling a timeshare is hard! Just be happy that you have a way to get it off your hands! It may be necessary to settle for a secondary form of timeshare cancellation. Timeshare companies know how to fight back, and sometimes, second-best is really the better option. 

Set out to accomplish your timeshare cancellation, but don’t throw away other opportunities to get rid of it. Utilize your resources and make the most of it. There has GOT to be someone out there in the world looking for a timeshare like yours. 

Find A Nonprofit And Donate Your Timeshare 

Canceling a timeshare can also look like giving it away on donation. There are nonprofits out there that will take your timeshare. It might be the easiest option to just give it away instead of trying to work out a deal with your developer or someone else. Canceling a timeshare is primarily about parting ways with a poor contract. 

The most important thing is that you won't have to worry about your timeshare anymore, right? Make sure that when you browse for nonprofits that take timeshares, you find legitimate options. There are tons of scams out there for timeshares, so do your research! 

Get Your Timeshare Canceled With the Help of a Professional 

Canceling a timeshare is certainly possible, but you have to be patient with the process. Work with professionals and services who can help you through the timeshare cancelation process and don't settle for less than you deserve. If all else fails, you can always sell, rent out, or donate your timeshare to get it off your back for good.