PTE is now certainly one of the most preferred English language proficiency exams taken by international students coming into Australia. The best part is that almost all the educational institutes across Australia recognize PTE. 

It is a fully computerized test used to gauge a non-native English-speaking candidate's ability to read, write, listen, and speak in the English language. PTE result is considered fair unlike IELTS or any other similar test because there is no human intervention in the scoring process.  The resultant score is vital in fulfilling the visa application process of every international student coming from a non-native English-speaking country.

Reevaluation of PTE Academic Exam

Just like any other English language proficiency test, PTE also permits the candidate to request a reevaluation of their PTE score if they are dissatisfied with it. However, the candidate must apply for a reevaluation/rescore within 14 days of receiving the initial score.

Despite the fact that PTE scores are auto-generated by a computer, there have been times we have come across students who tend to be dissatisfied with what they get. The candidates tend to be unhappy with either the overall score or that of a particular module.

Although reevaluation has both the pros and cons attached to it, we generally advise the candidates to avoid going for reevaluation because of the following reasons.

As the PTE scoring is automated, it is highly unlikely that much will change in a revaluation. The rescoring, too, will be done automatically. Furthermore, there have not been many instances where there has been a significant change in score upon reevaluation.
Only the open-ended answers from the Writing section and responses from the Speaking section are reviewed and rescored.
The older score is automatically replaced with the new one.
It is not worth paying the reevaluation fee if the scores do not improve.

In case the candidate is highly adamant about going for reevaluation, we only recommend doing so if the scores are less in the Speaking and/or the Writing sections.

Important Points to Consider When Going for Reevaluation

Apply within 14 calendar days of receiving the initial PTE score.
The candidate cannot apply for a reevaluation if the initial scores have already been sent to the institution(s).
Applying for a reevaluation does not assure whether the scores will increase, decrease or change at all.
If the PTE scores change after reevaluation, the reevaluation fee is refunded in full.

The Reasons We Encourage Retaking the PTE Exam

As mentioned above, we do not consider PTE score reevaluation worth the cost. Instead, we encourage the candidates to retake the test. Here are some of the top reasons for it.

Reviewing PTE score costs half of booking another PTE test. The candidate can retake the test and have a better chance of getting a high score by spending a little more.
With a little more effort and knowledge, the students can score better in the Speaking and Writing sections upon retaking the PTE exam.


Failing is not the end of the road. Even if PTE permits the candidates to request a reevaluation of their PTE scores, we do not consider it the best option available. Going for reviewing is like a lottery, which can be very expensive. A smart student will only choose to retake PTE exam instead of getting the scores reevaluated.

Moreover, if the student has scored low in their first attempt, we suggest they seek coaching from a reputable PTE tutorial  or attempt PTE mock tests more thoroughly.

All in all, when it comes to choosing between reevaluation and retaking the PTE exam, we always recommend students retake the test with improved preparation.