Setting up your station and going out hunting is perhaps one of the most therapeutic activities in a world where we have lived indoors for so long. Hunting season is almost nothing short of the time of one’s year for many people. However, to say that things could go wrong if unprepared is not exactly unreasonable at all. Especially if it is a big game that we are talking about. There is a lot more that goes into preparing for that, not just practicing some long-range shooting!

So, to make it convenient for you, here are some essentials you ought to have when going out to hunt some big game!

The Right Backpack

This is the most crucial item you should have with you. After all, where else are you going to put all the other essentials or the meat in! Make sure that the backpack you pick is a durable one, with not a lot of in-built weight on it. 

Furthermore, ensure that it has the right amount of space for your weapons of choice. It should also be versatile enough for you to be able to incorporate other things during the hunt. Not only does the backpack need to be functional, the clothing you pack along with the weapons and other essentials, are also very important.

So, the right backpack is durable, versatile, light, and filled with the right things!

Navigating Tools

Navigation is very important when it comes to going for a hunt. You need to know where you are going. You also need to know if the area is restricted or not. Plus, getting lost, out in a place where you really are vulnerable, is seldom less than a hunting nightmare.

Here are some tools of navigation you might find helpful:


Make use of technology! Maps are great and everything, but GPS not only informs you about restricted and public lands but also about your exact location.


Nevertheless, having a map sitting in your backpack at all times is incredibly essential. While it is certainly more ‘old school’, having a backup when your GPS might not be working as well could be nothing short of a lifesaver.


Like the map, the compass could be considered an old school of late. It does not, however, diminish its importance in your backpack!


Ideally, in big game hunting, you would want to be able to look ahead and spot your game. Binoculars are the perfect appliance for that. They will allow you to identify your target from a relatively much greater distance, as compared to the naked eye. Just remember to get binoculars that are easy to carry around, without compromising their quality.


If you are going for some bigger meat, you are probably planning to stay out a while. So, bring along a portable, durable, and light tent with you. Keep in mind however that in this situation functionality is much more urgent than comfort. Additionally, you could also consider bringing an emergency shelter, like a tarp, as well.