Leather furniture has a distinctive smell and feel, it is also very durable and comes in a variety of shades, making it a desirable addition to any home. Of course, leather costs a little more to manufacture so leather furniture is generally more expensive to purchase. But, it is also a worthwhile investment.

That’s why you need to know how to choose it and how to look after it.

Choosing Your Leather Furniture

The first step is to measure your room. You need to know the maximum size your leather furniture can be. When measuring don’t forget to measure the doorway as you’ll need to be able to get the furniture into your home!

It’s a good idea to have looked at some examples to help you know what style you prefer before you start shopping. It can also help to choose pigmented leather as this has a more uniform colour that is likely to last longer.

Finally, make sure you choose the one that you like, it’s you that will be utilizing and looking at the furniture all the time. 

Caring For Leather Furniture

If you look after your leather furniture you’ll find it lasts for a long time. However, no matter how well you look after it you should invest in regular leather upholstery cleaning by the professionals. This will deep clean your leather furniture and help to ensure it looks and feels great for longer.

You should also:

Wipe Regularly

In order to look after your leather furniture gets a soft clean cloth and wipe the surface regularly. This removes dust and other elements that can settle into the leather and cause it to harden. Naturally, the cloth needs to be soft to ensure it doesn’t damage the leather.

Consider The Location

You may be limited on where you can place your leather furniture. But, if you have a choice consider where the sun is and how much it will be on your furniture. The more it rests on your furniture the more likely it is you will have faded patchers that ruin the look of the leather.

In addition, the sun can harden the leather, effectively damaging the look and feel.

Vacuum Often

Alongside dusting with a clean cloth you should vacuum your leather furniture at least once a week. But, you should always use the vacuum brush attachment. This is soft and can get into the crevices in your furniture without damaging the leather. 

It will remove dirt, debris, and dust, helping to keep your leather furniture looking like new.

Repair Damage

No matter how well you look after the furniture you’ll find that it can be scratched or damaged. If this happens the important thing to do is get it repaired as quickly as possible. You can purchase repair kits or have the repair done professionally.

Doing this prevents the damage from becoming worse and shortening the life of your leather furniture.