As a boat owner, you’ll know all about the importance of boat maintenance. 

From winterizing your boat in preparation for the icy cold months to polishing the hull to make everything look perfect, the maintenance checklist is never-ending. Even for experienced boat owners, it can be a lot to handle. 

What are the best ways to maintain my boat? 
Whether you own a yacht or a cruiser boat, there’s a lot for you to learn. 

Fortunately, this beginner-friendly guide is here to be your helpful companion. When you’re ready, lets dive into some tips. 

Get professional help from expert engineers 
You might have been a boat owner all your life, but you’ll still need help with your maintenance. After all, that’s why engineers exist. 

If you’re experiencing engine problems, issues with your gearbox, or simply need help preparing your prize possession for the winter, contact marine engineering today. They’re industry pros who have served a wide range of clients for decades. Their highly trained engineers will identity and solve any issues you have, meaning you won’t have to worry about anything. 

Frequently polish the gelcoat 
Your boat’s gelcoat is incredibly important. It’s the coating on the exterior that protects your boat from pretty much everything, such as harsh weather conditions and scratches. However, over time the gelcoat can begin to dimmish if it is not properly maintained, and the best way you can do this is by frequently polishing it. 

Ideally, you should be looking to polish your boat every 3 to 4 months – but this will naturally be dependent on how often you use your boat and the conditions it has been through. If your boat is regularly exposed to the sun, then you might want to consider polishing it every month in order to be on the safe side, as the sun’s rays can negatively impact the gelcoat. 

Replace your battery when it starts to fade 
Generally, you’ll need to change your boat’s battery every 3 to 6 years. If you’ve entered this time period and can sense that the time for a battery upgrade is approaching, don’t hesitate to do so. 

Here are some extra tips to help you maintain the battery: 
Store your boat in an average temperature environment to ensure the marine battery remains safe. If you leave your boat in a freezing cold dock for months, then the battery will suffer – and you don’t want that. 
Follow the recommended voltage for charging to prevent damage. 
Keep your battery clean to avoid an acid build up. 
Disconnect your battery and store it away safely when you know you won’t be driving it 

Avoid moisture
After short or long trips, moisture can build-up in and around your boat, from the deck to the exterior. When this happens, it can lead to all sorts of problems, such as erosion when you’ve been in salt water. This is why you should give your boat a thorough clean every time you finish using it. You can do this with towels and cloths. 

No matter what type of boat owner you are, make sure to use the above-mentioned tips to keep your boat in incredible shape. Also, remember to be extra vigilant during the winter and summer months when harsh weather conditions are more common. Be safe!