A well-planned family vacation will provide you and your family with an excellent way to spend some time together and leave all of life's numerous stressors behind. It will give you a perfect opportunity to explore and discover various parts of the earth that you never knew existed. 

While this will be an exciting adventure on its own, planning a family vacation requires tons of considerations related to where you will stay, what activities you'll participate in, and much more.

That said, families shouldn't stop considering vacation planning as a burden as there are various ways you can make your family vacation more memorable and exciting. 

So, with that in mind, let us look at a few things you should consider when you sit down and plan out everything to make your next family vacation one that you will never forget. 

Consider your timing. 

There is no doubt that you won't find the best family vacation deals and promotions when schools are off. Not to mention, the ones that will be available will most probably be overpriced. That said, if your kids go to school, it will be worthwhile to learn their term dates in advance. 

This information will come in handy when you look for deals during the off-season, as you won't have to pay an arm and a leg for the best vacation deals during such a time.  

However, if your kids aren't of the schoolgoing age, ensure that you travel to a vacation spot where crowds are small compared to crowded locations, usually expensive. 

Book accommodations beforehand. 

The accommodation type you choose to go with depends on the nature of your family vacation. 

For example, if you and your family want to visit the Great Smokies, a Google search for the term 'pigeon forge cabin rentals' will help you find accommodation that fulfills your space and budget requirements.

Similarly, if you're going to a U.S national park for a night camping trip, all you'll need are some sleeping bags, a tent, and a flashlight.

On the other hand, resorts and hotels operate differently. Hence, consider calling and booking your accommodations in advance to avoid running around like a headless chicken searching for a place to stay for your family. 

Moreover, research accommodations and shortlist a handful of choices to keep your options open. Also, don't forget to ensure that the hotel or resort you decide to stay in is child-friendly.

Remember to create and follow a vacation budget. 

Filling up your travel bags and going on a vacation to an entirely different part of the world will undoubtedly cost you a pretty penny. However, if you create a budget and follow it to the 'T,' you will make the most of the money you've allotted to your travels. 

That said, to keep things under your desired budget, consider visiting a location closer to your home country. Or, better yet, keep your travels local. 

Plan for a family vacation that lasts a week instead of a month because anything that enables you to save cash will prevent you from spending more than you have to.

In addition, if creating a budget isn't your thing, or you like to go for a spur-of-the-moment family vacation, consider opting for an all-inclusive holiday offer. 

Ending up in the honeymoon suite will surely ruin the family vacation vibes! That said, ensure you understand the difference between an all-inclusive package for adults and an all-in family deal.

Book your tickets early if you want to travel by plane. 

If you've traveled by air in recent years, you know for a fact that booking tickets a couple of months before your decided travel date will allow you to save some cash on your travels. 

So, go online and check every airline's website to find tickets and deals available every time of the year. For example, if you're heading out with the family during the Christmas season, there is a high chance that you'll have to pay extra due to seat unavailability. 

So, consider booking early before the holiday season rolls in. Also, ensure that you're only packing what you need for your vacation, as going overweight on your travel bags will lead to you paying extra for your luggage.

Don't forget to pack light. 

Packing your bags for a family getaway will always be tricky for you and your family, whether you want to travel during the winter or the summer. So, it is vital that you only fill your luggage with necessary items

However, it will be worthwhile to travel on your own via car if you want to avoid losing your luggage during transit. Not to mention, you won't have to worry about paying extra charges if you exceed the airline's allowed luggage weight.

Furthermore, consider packing your bags as early as you can, generally around a month before the date you want to travel on. Doing so will help avoid being stressed a couple of days before your travel date. 

Moreover, don't try to cram everything on the same day. Instead, start packing without rushing so you don't forget anything important you might need. 

Plan your family activities in advance. 

Family activities like paragliding, windsurfing, and skiing should be booked at least three to four weeks before you and your family reach the vacation spot of your choice, especially if you're going on a family vacation during on-season.

So, consider performing some online research and booking passes, tickets, and seats in advance to avoid sitting in your hotel room while every other family has a great time. 

This will also allow you to take advantage of various promotions and deals and save some money in the process.  


In the end, a family vacation is all about freeing yourself of life's obligations and stressors. It should also offer you and your family a much-needed break from the mundane chores and activities that drain you mentally and physically. 

If you want to ensure that your next family vacation goes according to plan and as smoothly as possible, consider the tips mentioned above, and you will be well on your way. 

After all, planning your family vacation early on and making some excellent choices will enable you to enjoy your holiday instead of worrying about losing your luggage or finding a hotel room during peak seasons!