Today, gold rings have seen a renaissance, as an ever-increasing number of women are opting for these jewellery pieces. This year, gold rings have made up an increasing rise in the sale. And with trendsetters, including the B–towners opting for gold ring designs, the modern women are in good company. Shop gold rings for women from Vaibhav Jewellers. Why? Well, the reason is apparent. We assure the best quality, unique designs as well prompt service.

Let's learn what we have to offer to beautify your fingers. 

If you search for a gold ring that looks good on you and can wear every day, try our plain rings. They display a perfect balance of style and soberness. You can wear these incredible rings regularly on as many dresses as you want to. They look exceptional on any outfit you choose to wear.

A perfect floral shaped gold ring is an excellent addition to your ring jewellery collection. Our collection of rings with a flower motif make them look and feel nice. Wear them to anywhere with anything; you won't feel out of place. 

Shop gold rings for women from our butterfly collection. They are in a great trend today, and girls are crazy over these tiny, adorable butterfly looks. A butterfly represents power and beauty. Therefore, it is always stated that "A girl should be like a butterfly, attractive to see, hard to get." Our cute gold ring with a butterfly made it sit right on your finger. They are sleek and stylish enough to pull attention without overwhelming things.  

Open rings are one of the most functional pieces as they are much more versatile than traditional rings. Our Glam & Glitz collection includes open rings with a tiny gap that allows you to expand it to about half a ring size. These finger pieces featuring beautiful fancy coloured stones. Set in 14 karats gold, these are truly unusual and refreshing. 

Those who love to keep their look traditional can opt for antique rings like our 22k Temple gold ring. Created by our skilled artisans, this statement ring captures the essence of an age gone by. The enthralling and enchanting features of the ring will look extraordinary on you.

The stunning Silvigo ring is another choice for you that features a nice blend of gold, silver and diamond. Feel how they speak to your mind, soul, and heart uniquely as you experience the texture and look of wearing them.

Over the years, our wedding rings have evolved into statements of partnership worn by both genders. They are now wedding staples where couples want an outward token of their love. We have an extensive collection of couple wedding bands to add some more sparkle to your wardrobe. 

Apart from gold, diamond is a popular choice when it comes to wedding or engagement rings. In case you want the shine of diamond without spending much, try Cubic Zirconia, aka CZ. It is an artificial diamond substitute with an inexpensive price tag. Our pro artisans exquisitely created them for you to make a lasting impression.  Shop gold rings for women embellished with cubic zirconia from us and walk down the aisle with poise. 

Are you a newcomer to the shopper list of gold jewellery? If you require the best gold ring for yourself, there are facts that you should know. Shop gold rings for women need extra care and scrutiny, as many things are involved. At Vaibhav Jewellers, we pay the utmost attention to the quality and design of the rings. The pricing of the gold rings is also a significant factor that we have been taken care of. 

The most crucial confusion concerning gold rings is the Karat significance. You must be aware that Karat determines the percentage of gold in the jewellery. The pricing changes accordingly. For example, 14k has 54.3% gold while 18k has 75% gold. 22k gold comprises 91.6% gold. Most of the preferable gold ring is 14k, 18k or 22k gold. 24k is the purest form of gold, but it is not recommended that you shop gold rings for women in 24k due to its softness.

With the rapid development of the jewellery market, anything and everything is possible today. From readymade pieces to customised ones, we have everything stored for you. Suppose you want to engrave your name initials on the rings and also other unique elements. We will do it all. Shop gold rings for women from Vaibhav Jewellers, pick any designs from the white, yellow or rose gold rings and add customisations. 

Gold earrings have the potentiality to add life even to a dull outfit. From studs to dangles and traditional to contemporary, we have a gold earring for every type of style. Now buy gold earring online through our portal. We offer a hassle-free shopping experience to our customers with a secure payment gateway. From simple to elaborate designs, our gold earrings employ shape, dimension, and movement to delight the artistic eye of chic fashionistas. Go for multiple pieces and don them over different dresses. Or buy gold earrings online with an intricate work that can dress up any outfit.

Every piece in Vaibhav Jewellers' collection is created to help you to look your best. Their versatility and comparability make it a collection worth having.