We often think of giving gifts to our relatives and friends during Diwali or any other festival. While pondering over the various gift options that are available in the local market, sometimes you might feel that you have not purchased the kind of gift you wanted. To avoid this dilemma, choose gifts that reflect positive vibrations and a festive mood. No, we are not recommending costly gifts that might affect your savings but gifts that are special in their way. 

During festivals like Diwali, we wish good health and prosperity to everyone. However, in today's context, health seems to be more important than anything. Present something that brings health, positivity, and enthusiasm to the lives of your loved ones. Here are some awesome gift ideas by VedaOils to our readers:

Body Massage Oil For Stress Relief
The stress of work affects our mental and physical health. You might often wonder what to do to restore the liveliness you once had. Body massage oils are ideal for relaxing your nerves. Also, they revive your mood and help maintain your skin. 

You can give body massage oils to your family members and friends this Diwali. It will not only make them feel special but they will also remember you while experiencing a rejuvenating massage session. However, only purchase the ones that are made of natural ingredients. Avoid chemical-based oils as they can affect your skin’s health. 

We recommend you to try the body massage oils offered by VedaOils as it is a renowned brand when it comes to offering effective and pure body massage oils. Olive oil, coconut oil, sandalwood oil, sweet almond oil, etc. are some of the most preferred Body Massage Oils. While giving them to your good wishers don't forget to keep some bottles for your use as well! 

Essential Oils for Skin & Hair Care
Essential oils are multipurpose oils derived from herbs, plants, fruits, seeds, and other organic sources. These are concentrated oils that need to be diluted before applying topically. You can use essential oils for massages or you can diffuse them for spreading an invigorating aroma in the ambiance. These Essential oils will also serve the purpose of skincare and hair care. 

They also cure your sunburns and help to heal minor wounds and cuts faster. If you are not fully aware of the benefits of essential oils, just research more about them on the internet. However, be cautious while purchasing them as you don’t want to buy an artificial or chemical-ridden oil. 

Lavender, Bergamot, Patchouli, Lemon, Frankincense, Peppermint, etc. are some of the well-known essential oils in the market. To explore a wide range of essential oils that are pure and organic, surf the official website of VedaOils. Their massage oils can also be beneficial for enhancing the quality and effectiveness of DIY cosmetic and skincare recipes. Moreover, you may use them as a room freshener as well. Due to all these reasons, essential oils can be the perfect Diwali gift for your well-wishers. 

Soap Molds for Designer Soap Making
Soapmaking is trending on social media channels like YouTube, Instagram, etc. It is because more and more people are aware of the benefits of using soaps made from natural ingredients. If you have never tried your hands-on soap making, here is your chance! 

Sites like VedaOils offer a great variety of soap molds on their portal. These soap molds are made to provide convenience to beginners and professionals who can use them for making premium-quality soaps. Rectangular, circular, and animal-shaped soap molds are popular. You can explore soap-making molds made from silicone, plastic, or any other material to check the ones that suit you the best. 

VedaOils is a one-stop solution for all your soap-making requirements. You may even buy the soap-making kits that are available at competitive rates on their website. Along with soap kits, you will also find soap molds of different sizes, colors, and shapes on their portal. Gift them to your friends who are creative and willing to try new things. It would be a perfect gift for those who are already experienced in soap making. 
Candle Waxes For Candle Making
Diwali festival cannot be completed without the beautiful lamps and candles we lit to decorate our gardens, windows, and the entire house. However, candles and artificial lamps made from chemical-based waxes might not be healthy for your loved ones. Also, they might leave black soot in the surrounding space with their impure smoke. To avoid this, you must only get the waxes and oils made from pure and natural sources. 


If you are planning to make candles of natural wax, visit the site of VedaOils. Here, you will find waxes of different kinds with which you to make candles of different sizes with ease. Beeswax, Carnauba wax, Soy wax flakes, are some of the examples of waxes that are made from pure and organic ingredients. You can also give them as gifts to those who are fond of making candles and lamps with waxes.