2020 was definitely a year everyone will remember - and fashion, like every other industry, changed immensely in this period. In 2021 everyone tried to stand out from the crowd. 

Outfits got more and more artistic with bright colors, different styles. But what catches everyone's eye in 2021 is the bag trends that were set. There are many trends this year for bag designs and we are going to share with you the most interesting ones. From small shoulder bags and circular silhouettes to shiny chains and bright colors, these are the purse trends to keep an eye on this year.

Chill Vegan Leather Frame Clutch

It looks modern, stylish and artistic. What more can you ask for in a bag? The chain trend started in late 2020 and continued in 2021. The combination of lather and chained handle is just amazing! There are numerous outfits that you can wear and include this bag in your amazing style. You can pair it with elegant shoes, flats, heels or even sneakers. Just be brave and experiment with different looks! 

Oversized Ruched Bag

This stylish bag, ruched, and artistic can be dressed up or down depending on your needs. It will look amazing with a long gown and a leather jacket for rockstar vibes. Choose your shoes depending on what your upper outfit is. You can see these kinds of bags paired with sneakers or heels. Every woman has a different approach to her outfit. Everyone can wear whatever he/she feels comfortable and if it makes her happy. The only con of this bag is that it has no chain and you should wear it in your hands. So if you consider going for a longer trip choose any other style to feel more comfortable. 

Fur bags

Many people would say fur is perfect for winter. Which is absolutely true, but there is definitely a place for fur bags in every month of the year. The fur bag is as beautiful as it is functional. Fur can never go out of style. Many women love to wear fur coats, blouses and even shoes. Why not combine it with a great fur bag? There are so many outfits that you can combine with this kind of bag. Women who wear them should be brave and modern. Don't hesitate to order your new fur bag now  and enjoy wearing it all year around. 

Ladylike luxe

In 2021 there was an interesting shift from uber-modern trends to more ladylike retro silhouettes. Small Handbags with mini top handles, designed to be carried in the crook of your arm, proliferated at the likes of Chanel, Saint Laurent and Gucci. These stylish bags can be paired with elegant classy outfits. Of course you can always combine them with a more casual look, just be careful with the clothes you choose. Match the colors and you will look fabulous! 


Weaving Bags

On the SS21 runway we noticed interesting bag styles from netted totes to caged clutches and rattan basket bags, woven textures were a regular feature. These are definitely something a woman needs in her wardrobe.  These bags are modern and won't go out of style soon. If you want to look different and stylish choose a weaving bag for your next outfit. Many celebrities wear them on more casual events and this trend will continue in 2022 for sure. 


Dumpling Shoulder Bag

This slouchy shoulder bag is a great addition to any spring wardrobe. Pastels are everywhere this season, so this pick will fit in perfectly. Dumpling shoulder bags are great for more extravagant outfits. Wear them with confidence and a big smile and you will look amazing. Combine them with different types of shoes depending on what you feel like wearing. There is no secret formula on pairing dumpling shoulder bags. Just be creative and follow your heart. 

Bags are the best friend of every woman. Every year there is a different trend of bags that comes on the way. When you choose the type of bag you like, pair it with your favourite clothes and we are sure that you will look great. Be brave with your outfit decisions, show the world your passion about fashion and always wear bags with a great smile!