Opening a new dental practice is an exciting opportunity. After all, a new practice can be kitted out with all the latest equipment and designed how you want it to be, even if that is in the shape of a giant tooth!

However, before you get too carried away it is time to talk to a specialist in dental fit-outs. They can make sure your new dental practice has the right design. You may not have considered it but there is a right way to encourage people in and a wrong way.

The In And Out

Patients arriving and departing normally have to see the receptionist to advise they have arrived for an appointment and pay for their visit. However, a surprising number of people have dental fear. The last thing they want to see is someone leaving having a numb mouth. 

Where possible you either need two reception desks; one for in and one for out. Alternatively, you can have one desk split, to provide privacy for the different clients. 

It will help your patients to feel relaxed. 

Waiting Area

Your waiting area needs to be split into sections. Some people like to read, others watch the television, and others are happy watching their children. By creating three distinct areas in your waiting area you will keep your patients happy and help them to stay relaxed before their appointment.

It is essential not to underestimate how important patients being relaxed is, you’ll find it makes your job much easier.


There should be an obvious flow from the door to reception to the waiting area. This helps people feel comfortable as they know where they are going and what they are dealing with. Taking the anxiety and uncertainty out of the equation is always a good idea. 


A dental surgery can be a busy place. That means you need enough chairs to cover anticipated demand and that the chairs are made of easy-clean material. It is best to paint the walls a pastel color. This is calming and should make it easy to wash them down at the end of the day.

At the same time, it doesn’t make the place look too clinical which can scare many patients. 

The Treatment Room

The natural flow of the dental practice will take your patient to the dental treatment room. This should be a plain, neutral color and be very easy to keep clean. This inspires confidence. You should have the latest equipment on display, ready to be used; this is also reassuring.

Most importantly, the dental chair should be positioned to give you plenty of room to work comfortably. This will make it easier for you to do your job and, therefore, help everyone to relax.


Finally, consider the additional décor. That is the posters and pictures you are putting on your new walls. These must reflect your values and tell the patient what type of clinic you are in, such as a specialist in children’s oral health or holistic dentistry. It will help you to attract the right patients and for them to feel comfortable.