Do you like peonies? Do you often wonder what a peony symbolizes? Then this article is for you. Peonies are generally considered as one of the most beautiful flowers. This is the reason why it’s also one of the most popular. When the flower is in full bloom, it bursts into different vibrant colors such as pink, red, peach, burgundy, cream, and white. The plant itself can grow to the size of a large shrub if it's well taken care of.

The word peony comes from the Latin name Paeonia. But do you know that in some cultures, the flower is also considered a special symbol? If you like peonies, then you’re probably interested to know what does peony symbolize? Here in this article, you’ll learn about the various meanings given by different groups of people to the beautiful flower.

What people like most about the flower is it’s petals. Some say that it resembles soft silk. This is the reason why the flower is often seen in silk paintings. Peonies are found all over the world. But some of the most beautiful peonies are found in China and Japan. And the reason for this is because in these two countries, peonies are part of their social and even spiritual and religious activities.

In Asian cultures, peonies are said to symbolize royalty and honor. The flower is used in different ceremonies because to these people it represents luck, wealth, and good fortune. In ancient China, peonies were even used as medicine. This is often cultivated in monasteries. Even today you can still find peonies in temple gardens. Science is yet to confirm if peonies do have healing properties. But some people today use the flower as a remedy for common ailments such as stomach pain and fatigue.

But it’s not only in China where peonies are used as medicine. Even the ancient Greeks believe that the flower has healing qualities. In Greek mythology there’s a doctor named Peon who was able to cure Hades when he had fallen ill. The doctor used the crushed petals of a flower to mix a herbal remedy and was given to Hades in the form of tea.

In the west, peonies came to symbolize shyness, probably because of the flowers resemblance to a blushing girl. In France, it is common for people to say “as red as a peony.” In some poems, peony petals are said to be used by fairies to cover their naked bodies so they can protect themselves from prying eyes. There’s also a superstitious belief that it is bad luck to uproot a peony from a landscaping once it has already been planted.

But what does peony symbolize in modern times? Today, the beautiful flower stands for honor and being truthful to one's words. It also came to symbolize an apology for an wrongdoing that has been committed. It is also compared to the simple beauty of a woman. Some have used it as a symbol of love, while others have also associated it with mourning.