If you are an avid blog reader, your likelihood of coming across skincare tips is significantly high. Most bloggers will create posts that highlight hand and feet care, never taking the time to enlighten people on how to take care of their eyes.

Eyes are vital to our day-to-day activities. Without vision, it becomes difficult to perform various tasks and run some errands. In this article, we will discuss eye care tips to ensure your overall health.

Let us delve into specifics.

1.  Go for an eye test

Many people will often go for general check-ups but how many of these individuals see an optometrist?

It is advisable to visit an optometrist at least every two years for an in-depth eye examination. This applies to any adult above the age of 18 years.

There are many places where you can do an eye test in Sydney. It is recommended to book an appointment in advance first. During the appointment, the optometrist will examine for vision problems, diagnose, and enlighten you on the proper treatment in case of problems. During the appointment, your optometrist will also look for any underlying problems that may be associated with eye problems and advise accordingly. The best thing about scheduling such appointments is that the optometrist will catch potential serious eye problems beforehand, allowing you to get the treatment you need before they culminate into more critical issues that may cause blindness.

2.    Eat a balanced diet

The importance of a well-balanced diet in a person's overall physical and mental well-being cannot be overemphasized.

Fruits and vegetables contain the necessary nutrients that are essential for optimal eye health. Carrot, for instance, contains Vitamin A which is known to improve vision. Consuming foods high in omega-3 fats is also of paramount importance. 

3.    Exercises are vital 

Apart from consuming a balanced diet, regular exercises play a crucial role in ensuring not only overall great health but also good eye health.

Exercising burns fat, facilitating weight loss. A lack of thereof means that an individual will pack extra calories leading to an unhealthy weight gain. There are myriad problems associated with being overweight and obese. One of the more serious issues that can develop as a result of this is diabetes.

Diabetes is a serious condition where the body does not produce enough insulin. As a result, blood sugar levels spike which might affect vision and even cause blindness.

4.    Protect your eyes from UV light

Everyone knows the damaging effects ultraviolet rays can have on our skin, including increasing the risk of developing skin cancer.

Well, if you were unaware, UV light also has a detrimental effect on your eyes. Long-term exposure might cause various vision complications including cataracts, and muscle degeneration.

To protect your eyes, make sure you were sunglasses that block UV light, especially during the summer vacation when you are likely to spend the better part of the holidays by the beach or out and about in the scorching sun.

5.    Do not rub your eyes

As we go about day-to-day activities, we get in touch with germs and a host of bacteria. Since our hands are actively touching things, they are more susceptible to germs.

So, by rubbing your eyes, you expose them to these bacteria and dirt, which cause infections. 

To further ensure you do not suffer from irritations brought about by rubbing the eyes with dirty hands, make a point of regularly washing the hands with soap and under running water.

6.    Do not smoke

When you read about the dangers of smoking, you will immediately see that the uncouth habit is likely to cause lung cancer. A little-known fact is that smoking is highly likely to cause vision problems.

Also, smoking causes high blood pressure which is one of the risk factors for developing glaucoma. The probability of developing age-related muscular degeneration and cataract is higher for smokers, which is more reason why smokers should drop the unhealthy habit.

7.    Wear Eye Protection

There is a reason why the government enforces its laws regarding the wearing of eye protection for workers. 

Manufacturing company employees handle critical and life-threatening tasks. As such, making sure they wear eye protection among other safety clothing and accessories is vital.

These measures are not only for employees. It is also essential for homeowners to wear eye protection when undertaking even the smallest home renovations. An unfortunate situation where a tiny piece of wood accidentally pricks your eye is enough to cause blindness.

8.    Pay attention to screen time

We live in an era of digital devices. People are spending more and more hours in front of their screens, which, as optometrists advise, is detrimental to the health of your eyes.

Take a short break every twenty minutes of screen-time. Use a blue light filter to filter out the eye-damaging blue light. Also, make an effort to blink more regularly when using these digital devices to prevent dry eyes.

There you have it!

8 Tips to ensure proper eye health. Happy implementing.