Currently, people know more than 80 constellations that are visible when the sun goes down. The Leo Constellation is one of the most ancient among them. According to some reports, the person met it 5,000 years ago. The famous tradition - to create a star map depicting a fountain in the form of a lion's head, from the mouth of which water flows, has come from ancient Egypt. 

There, this constellation was associated with the flood of the Nile. It is where the image comes from! Those born under the constellation Leo are considered worthy rulers. The coronation ceremony coincided with July or August. Many legends, myths, and legends about this constellation have survived to this day. It contains the brightest star and distant galaxies. For thousands of years, scientists have looked through a telescope to make more and more discoveries related to the starry sky. There are many more interesting facts connected with it!

Leo Constellation Location

According to its size, the Leo Constellation is ranked 12th. Its area corresponds to 947 square degrees. This constellation occupies the second quadrant of the northern hemisphere (NQ2). For the overview, latitudes are needed from + 90 ° to - 65 °. In the vicinity of the Leo Constellation is located:

Ursa Major; 
Lesser Leo;
Veronica's Hair; 

So, in total, the constellation Leo has 5 Messier objects. It also contains 11 stars with planets well known to modern people, regardless of their activity. This constellation is visible in the sky thanks to the bright Regulus and the original figure of the stars, which is somewhat reminiscent of a lion. The Leo Constellation is an integral part of the zodiac constellations' system.

Leo Constellation: Top 5 Amazing Facts

Of course, astronomers do not finish studying the Leo constellation and are constantly discovering something new, but the following facts are especially curious:

This constellation is well-known for many thousands of years. Egyptians, Jews, Persians, and Assyrians all saw these stars and immediately gave them a great name. Even in Ancient Mesopotamia (IV-III millennium BC), where the most ancient civilization in history existed, the constellation had the nickname - Big Dog. Everyone emphasized the greatness of these stars! So, the lion was king not only in the Jungle but also in the sky;
The legend says that in memory of the first assignment of Hercules, Zeus placed the Nemean lion in the sky, and he came to us in the form of the constellation Leo. This myth is still studied in schools and illustrated in art workshops;
In the constellation is the fifth star in the distance from the Sun - Wolf 359. Wolf 359 is one of the closest single stars to the Sun. This list includes all stars within a radius of 5 pc (16.308 light-years). It is not visible to the naked eye, but a reddish dwarf appears through a telescope. It was discovered in 1918 using astrophotography;
Leo and Veronica's Hair Cluster form one giant supercluster of galaxies. It is located 300 million light-years from Earth. It includes more than 3,000 galaxies. It was this giant cluster that helped astronomers understand the entire structure of the universe;
The constellation is the center of the Leonids meteor shower. In November 1833, the density of meteors from the Leonid shower, when observed in North America, reached such an intensity that preachers predicted the world's end. This event found its place in the lyrics of pop singers and folk art.

This constellation is visible in the sky thanks to the bright Regulus and the original figure of the stars, which is somewhat reminiscent of a lion. In April, it stands high above the horizon, at the height of the celestial equator. Therefore, it belongs to the zodiacal.

Born Under the Leo Constellation: Which Way Do They Stand Out?

The zodiacal belt is the heavenly path. The Sun, Moon, and solar system planets are covering it in a year (due to the rotation of the Earth around the Sun). It has twelve sectors, and each of them corresponds to the constellation in which our star is at this moment. In astrology, they are the zodiac signs, and Leo is the fifth in a row. Since the beginning of human civilization, people have linked their lives with the stars and tried to find answers to their questions from the heavenly bodies. Many rulers had personal astrology, which made up horoscopes for them. The sign Leo includes everyone who was born from July 23 to August 21. It is the fifth sign in the ecliptic. The Leo element is fire. According to astrologers, people born under this sign have determination and determination. They are constantly trying to achieve their goals and, at the same time, cannot resist flattery and luxury. They have a stubborn and decisive character. Often, Leo takes responsibility for the misconduct of others and solves all problems on his own. He\she strongly depends on the opinions of others and needs constant evaluation. From an early age, Leo strives to lead and be an organizer. A very proud and selfish zodiac sign.