Your restaurant has been doing quite well. Managing to survive through the pandemic, and now ready to welcome customers back in the doors, but the place could use some sprucing up. While it may be time for a remodel, you may not want to shut down just to make these plans come to fruition. Here are some tips for keeping business rolling through these renovations.

Upgrading Equipment

A remodel is a good chance to assess your restaurant equipment from the stoves in your kitchen to the chairs at the bar. Retailers like The Restaurant Warehouse offers financing to assure that everything from new pots and pans to new sandwich prep tables doesn't break your budget. It's important to consult your initial checklist from opening your restaurant, and then follow that up by taking inventory.

Look at what equipment is on its last legs, what's gone unused, and even the little amenities you've offered that make your restaurant stand out in the crowd. Be sure you're getting a good price on equipment before splurging, and make sure your restaurant supply isn't excessive.

Considering Storage Space

During remodeling, you may be short on space. That's where a storage unit can come in handy. Las Vegas, NV storage units, for example, come in a variety of sizes with a variety of payment options to use the space for as long as you need during the reno. With 24-hour security cameras and on-site surveillance, you can have peace of mind knowing your valuables are being well-protected inside a storage facility.

Budget-friendly storage is more accessible than ever. Storage units are available to meet specific needs, such as climate control units for refrigeration or shelved units to arrange a large assortment of merchandise. It's best to invest in a storage unit in your restaurant's vicinity so that it is easier for your staff to restock or move materials in as necessary.

Stay Connected with Customers

Customers may see work being done and fear that your restaurant is closing up shop. It's important to allay those fears by staying in constant communication with your base. Use social media to your advantage by posting regularly, providing customers with updates on the renovation. Assure that those great people will make their way back as soon as possible by offering up a promotion on delivery and take-out orders, while your indoor dining gets a makeover.

Highlight your remodel and convenient location with clear signage out front, asking folks to pardon your appearance as you make updates to your restaurant. If you are leasing your space, be sure as a tenant to consult with your landlord about the renovations each step of the way, alerting them when the task is complete.

Staff Support

A restaurant is nothing without its friendly staff. You'll need their assistance in making sure your business flourishes throughout the reno. With great customer service, you'll be able to operate seamlessly and adjust accordingly for your customers. While a remodel can be a stressful experience, it's important to keep everything properly maintained to accommodate diners.

A clean facility is especially paramount, not allowing any dust or clutter brought on by the renovations to accrue. Cookware and kitchen space alike must be part of a regular cleaning regimen, amplified to assure that no part of the reno ends up impacting your use of the restaurant. You may also want to consider a reservation system due to the limits on space you have available in your restaurant. This will allow you to provide that great customer service while continuing to rotate tables to welcome as many of your guests in as possible.