As we enter the second summer of the COVID-19 pandemic, one thing is abundantly clear: face masks probably aren't going out of style anytime soon. Masks can be functional, vibrant, comfortable, and look good. Above all, they can readily complement an existing look or become the basis of an entirely new style. Whether it's a dazzling design or a more restrained facial covering, there are plenty of face mask options available to the discerning individual. Here's what to consider:

Choosing A Face Mask

It might not seem like a complicated process, but choosing a face mask depends on a number of factors. For maximum protection, the CDC recommends getting a mask with at least two layers of breathable, washable fabric that fits over the nose and mouth comfortably. A nose wire is also a good idea to prevent air from leaking. Masks featuring vents are an inherently bad idea, as they offer little (if any) protection. Once you've checked all the boxes on the safety aspect of the mask, it's time to select one that matches your personality and style. Since it's something you'll likely be wearing often, why not make a fashion statement or use it to accessorize your outfit? There are a few criteria to consider when buying a mask including its intended use, material construction, design aesthetic, comfort, and style.


Materials are extremely important for any face mask. Ideally, you want to look for materials that won't make you itchy, cause an allergic reaction, or otherwise cause discomfort. Multiple layers are also a good choice, as they offer better protection, coverage, and are prone to less wear and tear. There's also plenty of variety, from 2-layer to 5-layer masks. You'll find a mix of cotton and synthetic materials in many masks, and some that are woven with 100% cotton (which is soft and comfy on your skin). According to Discover magazine, silk may be one of the best materials to use for masks. Not only is it safe and protective, but it’s also incredibly comfortable. A bendable material for the area around your nose is useful for better fit, but not strictly necessary. Finally, carefully select your strap material and look for adjustable straps over simple elastic.

The Best Looking Designs

While materials and construction are crucial to any mask, you want cute face masks to feature an amazing design. Why not show off a bit of your own personality or accessorize a favorite outfit with inspired modern or retro designs? What about graphics or a checkerboard pattern? Everything from tie-dye and paisley to camo and floral prints can enhance or tie together a particular look. The floral prints particularly can add some color to an otherwise standard outfit while solid color designs provide a more modern, laid-back sensibility. Who ever said a solid color had to be boring? Vibrant pinks, sleek blacks, deep blues, and solid-color gradients are all options when in this area. Some face masks even come with unique access ories, like faux pearl chains and matching scrunchies. With such a magnificent plethora or designs available, there's sure to be something to suit your own personal taste and style. And if a cloth face mask isn't your style, bandanas and multi-wear wraps can really showcase some of the more unique designs available on face coverings today.

Choosing A Mask For Comfort

Since you'll be wearing your mask often, it needs to be comfortable. It is also essential to select something that's breathable and fits you properly. If you wear glasses or shades, try to find an option that'll look gorgeous without fogging up your glasses. Going into the summertime, it may be wise to look for a moisture-wicking facial covering or one with a filter pocket woven into its design. Some masks styles may even offer protection from the sun. Ultimately, the comfort level of your mask will depend on your style and preferences.

Choosing An Amazing Style

Stylistic flourish is another fantastic reason to go for a fashionable face mask. They help you find other individuals with a similar fashion sense and can potentially spark conversations with other people who may have similar interests to your own. There's almost a community-building aspect to wearing and displaying fashionable facial coverings. You can go for a subtle style or something more bold and use the mask as an enhancement/accessory to your natural beauty. Find the right style face mask and get ready to enjoy your summer in style!