As a result of the increased population and advancements in technology that are shaping the way we live our lives, the sustainability of our planet is in greater danger than ever before. From the launch of harmful emissions to extremely high levels of waste - it's becoming unbearable.

Many cities are working to decrease car dependence, promote walking and cycling, and ramp up transit. They hope to create healthier, more sustainable places by de-emphasizing cars. In this article, we take a look at four cities with the best sustainable transportation options worldwide and see what projects they have set in place to create a much better environment for their residents, tourists, as well as wildlife. Who knows, maybe you have already travelled to one of these cities from our list!

Copenhagen, Denmark
75% of journeys in Copenhagen are performed on foot, by bike, or by public transport. Copenhagen tends to be the very first CO2-neutral city by 2025. More and more people enjoy cycling than using a car to go around the city, with only 29 percent of homes owning a car. In addition, the city has introduced even more cycle lanes in the future. The popularity of cycling has grown even further because most hotels across the city provide guests with bicycles! The center of Copenhagen has a larger quantity of bikes than citizens: 520,000 residents and 560,000 bicycles, and it is anticipated that by 2025 the city will become the first capital on the planet with impartial carbon dioxide emissions.

Montreal, Canada
Besides getting the best public transport system in Canada, Montreal additionally holds the standing as North America's most bike-friendly town, with 530 miles of bicycle lanes and avenues. Nearly 370 miles of that are still available during the wintertime. Throughout the summer of 2020, the town crossed a significant milestone concerning micro-mobility. A leader in the realm of bicycle sharing, Montreal became one of the first cities in North America to establish a large-scale e-bike fleet. Montreal bike share system is the program that launched a worldwide revolution in urban transport. It is also the oldest major bike sharing program in North America.

Reykjavik, Iceland
Iceland has so much more to offer, apart from its exceptional landscape and hot springs. By 2040, Reykjavik intends to eliminate their production of greenhouse gas emissions by encouraging biking and walking and the use of public transport. In addition, the city spent millions on producing biking trails and is encouraging electric vehicle use for the 9,000 public workers by offering free parking and reduced taxes. The town will also boost the availability of electric car charging stations - preferably at home, in parking garages, and also even in certain places in town.

Portland, Oregon
Portland has made several notable changes to make sure it plays its role in bettering the entire world and the lives of those living in the region. But how has it done this?

Believe it or not, 25 percent of employees in town get around by bike, carpool, or public transportation, which greatly benefit the environment. Because of this, the number of vehicles on the streets has been decreased. In addition to this, there are an estimated 250 miles of bicycle paths, highlighting just how easy and safe it's to get across town. Apparently, 8% of the city's population uses cycling as a primary method of transportation.

It goes without saying that it is a lot easier to enjoy a town when you can get around it with no trouble. What's the best city with sustainable transport you've visited so far?