Getting ready to pop the question? Here are some of the most popular and classic engagement ring styles you should consider!

Barkev’s will have just the style you have been looking for, whether you value simplicity or originality, they’ve got you covered!

Emerald Cut

One of the most popular ring styles of 2020, going into 2021 is the emerald cut. It’s beautiful, it’s chic, and most importantly, it’s timeless. Celebrity socialite, Paris Hilton, just got proposed to this past February with a gorgeous 24 carat emerald cut engagement ring.

There are more affordable options of course. Barkev’s has a great selection of rings with not only diamonds, but also offers a moissanite option for most of their styles, perfect for any budget.

One of their most popular rings, Ella, features a hidden halo underneath the gorgeous center, followed by the most amazing shared prong diamonds that flow down both sides of the shank.

Pear Shaped

Another customer favorite at Barkev’s, is the pear shaped engagement ring. This does not come as a surprise as the coveted teardrop shape has become increasingly more popular throughout the years. With celebrities like Victoria Beckham and Ashley

Simpson flashing their pear shaped engagement rings, it quickly became a trendy favorite amongst the public.

Although the teardrop shaped ring looks seemingly modern, this style has been around for over 600 years with origins in Belgium. This style of ring typically has 58 facets, which are cut flat surface areas on the diamond. The more facets the more reflections being shone.

Princess Cut

This next ring style is as charming as the name suggests. The princess cut is essentially an inverted pyramid with the bottom facing up. Despite its regal sounding name, this style is actually more modern than the pear shape mentioned above, being that it was just created approximately 40 years ago.

At Barkev’s, the princess cut is implemented in a wide variety of styles. You can find styles ranging from a simple princess cut solitaire to a more glamorous and unique option featuring black diamonds that twist down the center stone.

Round Cut

Last but certainly not least, the round cut diamond reigns first in popular ring styles.

Why would this seemingly simple ring be the most sought after? Well, it’s actually not as simple as one might think. This particular style has to be cut down the most from the original rough diamond. Additionally, it is perfectly circular with 58 facets, like pear shaped diamonds.

Needless to say, the options are endless at Barkev’s. All you need to do is say yes to the ring!