Choosing travel insurance company when moving abroad is one of the most challenging things. When you have a checklist of things to do before moving abroad, getting a worldwide health insurance cover should be the least of your worries.  

You want to ensure you get a reliable insurance company that will stand by your side for all your travel expenses. So, what factors should you consider most when selecting the best international travel insurance company? Here is what to look out for before picking any policy with any travel insurance company.

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1. The coverage 
When choosing international travel insurance cover, the first thing you should consider is the company's coverage. Some coverage may look similar across different plans, but you should find out want differentiates each company's plan.

The coverage should be able to assess the purpose of your travel. Choose a policy that comes with all the features conducive to your travel.

2. Flexibility of the plan 
The flexibility of the plan you are choosing is also an essential factor you should consider. The insurance plan you choose should be more flexible to adapt to any changes you make in your travel itinerary before you travel.

For instance, it should be flexible enough to enable you to increase or decrease the duration of stay, include some add-ons, and modify the coverage as per your unique requirements. When choosing a travel insurance policy, you should consider flexibility as the most important thing.

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3. Any add-ons on the cover 
You should also find out if the insurance cover you are going for has some unique add-ons. The insurance plan should come with some add-ons at an additional premium to make it more customized to your needs.

If the insurance company is offering plans that don't suit your needs, you should look for any policy add-ons. Choose all the add-ons the company is offering and make your insurance policy meet all your travel needs.

4. The facts in the fine print
When choosing a travel insurance policy, you should look deeply into the fine print. Travel insurance has a unique fine print that you should take your time to go through. 

That means you should ensure you don't miss out on any facts. Read all the terms and regulations of the insurance cover the company is offering. Rushing to choose a plan before reading the fine print can cost you a lot in the future. Some insurance companies may not offer covers if you’ll be traveling home earlier than scheduled. 

You should not assume that everything is catered for by the plan. Always countercheck the coverage and ensure it meets all your needs. You can take the time to compare international health insurance companies with the best offers and choose one that suits you.

5. Premium and sum insured 
Different insurance companies offer plans with a varying sum insured. Therefore, when choosing a travel insurance policy, you should pick one with optimum coverage based on the destination you are traveling to, how long you expect to stay abroad, and how many people you are traveling. 

If you are traveling with your family members, you should choose a more comprehensive plan covering your companions. 
The premium or monthly installments for the insurance is another factor you should consider most when choosing a travel insurance plan. The premium for the travel insurance policy should be proportional and affordable. You can compare the premium and the coverage offered to determine if the plan you choose is reasonable. 

6. The type of plan you need 
Some of the top travel insurance companies offer different plans. Therefore, you should always read the policy keenly and determine if the policy you are about to choose will meet all your needs. There are unique plans for domestic travel, Schengen countries, expats, students, and emigrants. Go through every plan the company is offering and choose one that suits your needs and budget.

7. The claim settlement ratio
Most people traveling abroad make the mistake of choosing a travel insurance company that is unreliable in terms of settling claims. You should consider the claim settlement ratio of the insurance company before you opt for any plan. 
The claim settlement ratio is the number of claims the company has received to the number of settlements in a given period. 

Final Thoughts 
When you plan to travel abroad, you will need travel and health insurance cover from a reliable company. However, to choose a reliable travel insurance policy, you must be ready research-wide. 

Compare different travel insurance companies worldwide and find one with the most affordable premiums, reliable fine print, and a comprehensive service network. Keep all these factors in mind when choosing your travel insurance company to avoid issues once you move abroad.