A wedding photo booth helps you take stunning images of your loved ones with minimal or no effort. They are an exciting way to have fun and lighten the atmosphere at a wedding. In front of a photo booth, guests can go wild and create the most beautiful memories of a lifetime. 

If you're looking for some creative wedding photo booth ideas, you'll find them in this article. Whether it's unique and playful props or a colorful floral backdrop, there's no limit to how you can creatively spice up your wedding.

1. Classic Old-school Photo Booth

Source: The Knot

The classic old-school photobooth never runs out of fashion. This wedding photo booth idea speaks for itself, and everyone knows how it works. It is a perfect way for your guests to sit and take close-up portraits while having some privacy.  

You can assemble something out of wood for a DIY option, with a fitted top for the ceiling and curtain drapes for privacy. Just tuck in a bench, and you have a photo booth.

2. Chalkboard Backdrop

 Source: Chalk Shop Events

Transform a simple chalkboard into a backdrop for your wedding photo booth. You can roll in an actual chalkboard and provide pieces of chalks and a damp cloth. Guests can write in their texts or signatures and probably erase in between pictures. 

Another chic chalkboard idea is to get a wood or paper chalkboard cut-out and some chalkboard paint. You can then paint in something catchy. 

3. Virtual Photo Booth

 Source: Studio Z Photobooth

In this day and age of social distancing and online interactions, a virtual wedding booth is the next best thing. It can help bring wedding guests together, in a virtual sense, but in a fun way. 

Perhaps you're planning an online wedding. Capture your loved ones on your special day using a professional service like studiozphotobooths:check out their virtual wedding ideas

4. Faux Framed Wall 

 Source: Green Wedding Shoes

Use a faux framed wall to provide a photo booth backdrop, whether your wedding is modern or vintage-style. You can design it however you wish, but the best idea would be to go with the wedding's theme. 

For more eye-catching results, place some furniture in front of the backdrop. It'll attract guests to crowd in and take pictures. You might also need to cut out framed holes for others to stick in their faces. 

5. Retro Van Photobooth

Source: Bride Access

The retro van is one of the best outdoor wedding photo booth ideas for locations with no exciting place to take pictures. It's also perfect for bad weather situations.

You can use a professional rental service or go the DIY route if you have access to a retro van. Decorate it however you like and park it anywhere. Then add in a couch for guests to sit and pose.  

6. Polaroid Cut-out Frame

Source: Whimsical Wonderland Weddings

If you're looking for a portable wedding photo booth idea, you might want to consider a polaroid cut-out frame. You can customize it colorfully using names and dates. Your guests can then take them to different places within your wedding venue to snap pictures. 

You can also hang the frame in a beautiful stand, making it a very flexible photo booth idea. 

7. Stand-up Board

Source: The Knot

Everyone loves stand-up boards as they add comic elements to an event. The beautiful thing is that you can have more than one stand-up board with different images all around your reception venue.

It could be images of the bride and groom, fairy tale characters, or favorite superheroes, depending on the wedding's theme. Ensure you create face holes for guests to stick out their faces and take pictures.

8. Floral Wall


Source: Wedluxe

Adding one or two flowers into every other photo booth style is quite common. In fact, flowers are a part of many wedding photo booth ideas on Pinterest. However, you might want to consider going all in and creating a whole floral wall for your wedding. 

You can use several types of live flowers or big and colorful paper flowers, as you like. Whether it's an outdoor or indoor wedding, your floral wall photo booth will look perfect for photographs.

9. Balloons

Source: Balloonista

If you want to add a playful mood to your photographs, go for a balloon photo booth. You might want to pick colors that match your wedding's theme, to make it personal. The beautiful thing about balloons is that they are never out of place, irrespective of the kind of wedding. 

10. Custom Banner

Source: Ariana K Home & Bridal

A custom-made banner is a simple yet effective way to set up a wedding photo booth. It usually comes with the couple's names and wedding dates. You can also add beautiful drawings, romantic inscriptions, or other custom options of your choice. 

11. Swings

Source: Charleston Weddings

A swing photo booth isn't only a beautiful place to take pictures but also a way for loved ones to catch fun. If you're planning an outdoor wedding, you can get a wood tree swing and hang it on a tree. You can also make the place welcoming with some pillows and flowers. In no time, your guests will be rushing in to take photographs.

12. Faux Grass Background

Source: jollybiglive

Another wedding photo booth idea that can work for indoor and outdoor weddings is a faux grass background. You can stick synthetic grass to a wooden backdrop and add names or quotes in colorful letters. For a garden location wedding, you can also add a piece of beautiful garden furniture. 

13. String Lights


Source: Joel Palim on Pexels

Hanging light strings are the perfect photo booth idea for evening photographs. You can get patio string lights and arrange them horizontally or vertically across a wall. They give the best picture filter and add a complementary warm glow and whimsical theme to a romantic event.

14. Curtain Backdrop

Source: BuzzFeed

You can create a curtain backdrop at a corner of your wedding venue for photographs. Use decorative curtains of various fabric that matches your wedding theme. The material can be single or multi-colored or with beautiful prints and drawings. You can add in a chair or even a chandelier somewhere to give it a chic look.

15. Graffiti Wall

Source: Happy Wedd

If you are obsessed with street art or want an urban-style wedding, you can try a graffiti wall as a photo booth. With different mural spray paints, you and your artistic friends can design something colorful just before your nuptials.

The beautiful thing about a graffiti wall photo booth is that it isn't popular, especially for weddings. As such, your guests will want to get some shots with a rare backdrop.


Many of these wedding photo booth ideas are DIY-styled. You can get most of the set-up materials in your local store. However, you can reach out to us if you'd like a professional photo booth with stunning photographs, GIFs, and videos.