Dog owners want the best for a man's best friend. When a dog joins a family, its personality and health issues may not be immediately apparent. In some cases, these problems may develop with age, come from over-exposure to certain behaviors or arise out of traumatic events. Often, these issues may just be tolerable quirks that are easily overlooked in the daily bustle of life, but occasionally these concerns can become disruptive or even dangerous for the dog's human family. Shivering, barking, skin problems and decreased appetite are just some symptoms of increased anxiety in dogs.

Relaxing Treats
There are many treats and supplements on the market that claim to provide calming effects for canines; in fact, there are so many products out there that a dog owner can easily be overwhelmed. Cannabidiol or CBD is one of the newer entrants to this market, but it has increasingly been recognized as an effective method for easing a dog's stress. CBDfx is a trusted maker of CBD for dogs, providing several products in various dosages and delivery methods that can provide instant relief to both the dog and its owner.

Work It Out
Physical activity is another tool to use in effectively calming dogs. There are many ways to ensure a dog gets exercise, whether it's through neighborhood walks, visits to the local dog park, exploring local trails, enrolling in agility training or playing fetch in the backyard. Regular daily exercise helps pets to release pent-up energy and stress; it also has the added benefit of physically tiring the dog out so it will simply not have the energy to worry or engage in troubling behaviors.

Get Close
Weighted blankets are becoming increasingly popular for anxious teens and adults, as they apply gentle pressure all over the body which relieves stress and tension. This same theory works for dogs and can be especially useful during stressful episodes like those stemming from fireworks or thunderstorms, typical fear triggers for canines. There are some products that a dog can wear that apply calming pressure throughout the chest and torso, allowing the dog to essentially receive a gentle firm hug while it's going through a distressing time.

Snuggle Up
Petting and cuddling a dog is a wonderful way to soothe a dog. Dogs derive a great amount of comfort from physical touch so making sure to regularly show affection is important to ensuring a calm dog. It's also an excellent way to prevent an episode when it becomes apparent that a dog is about to engage in anxious behavior. Applying extra pressure through massage while petting is a great way to release the pent-up tension and soreness in an anxious dog's muscles. A bonus is that a snuggle session is beneficial to both the owner and the pet.

Environment Edit
A simple way to relax a dog is to eliminate sources of stress within the dog's home. An owner should keep track of events and potential stressors and see if a pattern emerges. For example, if the dog appears frightened of birds, an owner can remove the birdfeeder or close the curtains; similarly, if delivery drivers cause excessive barking, they may be able to deliver to a side porch or garage instead. Using this data, it can be possible to detect emerging patterns and alter the natural environment if that appears to be the main stressor. 

Ask the Pros
If all else fails, dog owners should contact their veterinarian for advice. If no apparent medical issues are causing excessive stress and anxious behaviors, the vet may suggest consulting a professional dog trainer that can work with both canine and owner to create new strategies for dealing with stress. A trainer can help the dog become desensitized to triggers and behave positively upon receiving certain cues from its owner.

It is every pet owner's goal to have their dog be a happy and healthy member of their family, but a dog's anxiety and stress can cause a variety of troubling behaviors. Simple daily tasks like petting or exercise and readily available products like CBD treats are easy solutions; if problems progress, professionals are available for consultation. Owners should not despair if their dog is displaying troubling symptoms, as there are many ways to soothe a pet and integrate it fully into the household.