If you mention the idea of custom boxes to a small business owner, there’s a decent chance that they’ll react with skepticism. Most companies operate on a relatively slim profit margin, and bringing custom boxes into the equation means an additional cost for every unit that leaves your warehouse.

So you might be surprised to hear that custom boxes can actually save you time and money - that is, if you know how to find the right provider. But it also requires you to think smart about how your company is branded. Keep these things in mind when weighing the advantages and disadvantages of using custom boxes - and weighing the tradeoffs that each provider can promise.

Boosting Customer Enthusiasm
Some of the most most popular videos on social media are centered around the packaging. Because while unboxing videos are ultimately about reviewing what comes inside the box, the packaging it comes in is going to feature prominently throughout.

A bold and well-designed box will help make your brand look more professional and appealing when it appeals at a customer’s door, and it can increase both the odds of a customer leaving a good review and them signal boosting your product through social media and word of mouth. It can also make your product more appealing to influencers who will be drawn to both packaging and products that will be more photogenic.

Relatively Low Overhead Cost
Let’s be upfront. Customized luxury packaging is going to cost you more than a box without any branding would. But it might not cost as much as you’d think. Since high-quality printing is more efficient and effective than ever before, the costs that custom printing adds to boxes aren’t all that high.

That’s doubly true the more bulk you can buy. While you obviously shouldn’t buy more than you need just because you pay less per box, buying in the thousands rather than a hundred at a time can often cut the price of your boxes in half. Custom shipping boxes will be more cost-effective to larger businesses, but they’re viable for smaller businesses too. That’s especially true if you do your research ahead of time and find a provider that scales well with a company’s growth.

Flexible Material Options
Using custom print boxes doesn’t have to mean that you’re locked into using luxury boxes exclusively. Saving time and money on your shipping means thinking in the long term, and that requires diversifying your packaging to suit your different needs as neatly as possible.

Box Genie, for instance, offers three tiers of boxes. Their magic white is best for luxury products, as its glossy surface and bright white exterior makes high-definition inks look their best. But they also offer kraft brown recycled boxes and more basic white boxes for reduced prices, and all of them support printing.

That allows you to put a tighter lasso around your budget constraints. You might use the luxury option for demo products sent out to influencers or journalists and a mid-tier option for your standard deliveries. Less expensive brown boxes can be reserved for shipments under a certain price range, or they can be used to handle returns.

A Smart Design Solution
Customized shouldn’t mean choosing from just a few templates. Custom box manufacturers like https://www.boxgenie.com/ help save you even more time and money by giving you full control over your design. Whether you just want to quickly upload your existing logo from scratch or painstakingly create all of your packagings through a design interface, their flexible interface can’t be beat.