Summary – High-quality feather flags can change how average consumers perceive certain brick and mortar stores. Here’s how these marketing tools work their magic. 

Every “business expert” talks about building strong online presence these days. They fail to mention that most of all sales across the country still take place at brick and mortar stores. So, online expansion is important. But, a growing online presence shouldn’t come at the cost of declining foot traffic at your stores. Plus, physical stores offer a key advantage that online stores don’t – the full attention of customers. Online shoppers are known for having two or three different eCommerce websites open on their browsers whenever they’re shopping. So, the chances of creating loyal customers on online platforms are very slim. On the other hand, customers have no distractions when they’re inside brick and mortar stores. Foot traffic can be easily converted into loyal customer groups using immersive, efficient, and tactful marketing tools. 

Which Store Marketing Tools Create the Most Impact? 

Physical foot traffic is akin to gold for store owners. There are various ways of securing in-store customers’ attention - friendly customer service, easy shopping experiences, product guidance, and live demonstrations of products/services are all good marketing techniques and tools. However, the marketing tool that has consistently exceeded expectations over the last decade are feather flags. These outdoor and indoor banners serve as the ideal tools for advertising small-scale businesses. They draw the attention of customers and increase foot traffic. Plus, these marketing tools are usually made of strong polyester material that doesn’t get affected by weather factors like heavy winds, rain, sunlight, etc. These durable marketing materials come in two versions - stock flags and custom flags. 

Custom Flags 

Well-decorated and easy to read signs are highly important for businesses attempting to increase foot traffic in their stores. Customized signs offer some advantages over stock flags such as – 

They can be customized with high-quality images of new products, offers, clearance sales, product details, and plenty more. Whatever detail is the business’s USP for the week or month can be easily displayed on these customizable flags.  
Reactive marketing. Sometimes economic or environmental situations change. Store owners need to modify their marketing messages accordingly. By investing in customizable flags, they have plenty of options to create smart situation-specific marketing messages. 
Improve marketing skills. Since these flags contain so little space, marketers need to think very clearly about what messages, images, etc., they want to be printed. There’s little scope for error. However, these risky marketing moves only improve the quality of marketing messages in the future. 

Stock Flags 

Stock flags are ideal for businesses facing budget crunches. There are countless good stock designs of high-quality marketing flags. Business owners should consider their stores’ aesthetic, colors of surrounding stores, and printing costs before investing in stock flags. Ideally, store owners should have a combination of stock and customized flags at their stores. They can switch the two every few days or weeks. 

By opening a high-quality physical store, business owners can increase web traffic by 27%! Using well-designed marketing tools only increases the chances of securing high-quality customers. All business owners must consider investing in these flags!