You’re almost ready for that party you have been looking forward to for a week. Your ride’s just around the corner. You decide to wear that cute necklace you bought earlier that month. You reach for it and UH OH it’s hopelessly tangled with an assortment of necklaces.

Tangled necklaces do tend to make it extremely difficult to complete your outfit on time, however untangling them is not as impossible or as hopeless as it may seem. With the right amount of time and patience you can rescue your necklaces from any such situation.

How to prevent your Necklaces from getting tangled 
Before you get to the apparent point of no return, the root cause of your frustrations: the tangled necklace disaster, it is important to know that prevention is better than cure. Here are some tips to help your necklaces stay tangle free and always on the ready.

Keep them in Original Packaging: Since the packaging is designed to keep necklaces safe from other items of jewelry it’s a good idea to use them for storing purposes. 

Jewelry Boxes: if the original packaging may appear unseemly or rather off putting on your dresser, you could always invest in a jewelry box designed for necklaces that can keep them safe while contributing to your room’s overall aesthetic. 
Jewelry Trees: these can help with necklace care as they not just hold necklaces away from each other but also make it easier to pick and choose between pieces.

Use Straws: running a necklace through a straw that has been cut to the same length and fastening its clasp is an effective way to keep it safe. The straw will act as a protective barrier around your necklace shielding it from other jewelry items. 
Cardboard Tubes: Similarly you can use a cardboard tube, kind of like that of a toilet paper roll and follow the straw method. However, this time you can take the liberty of adding more necklaces to the equation. A larger tube would help keep chunkier necklaces in check as well.

All in all it is quite important to make sure you return your necklace to their desired positions after your done wearing it as this will help ensure the effectiveness of your storage techniques.

If your necklace ends up tangled, as necklaces tend to despite our best efforts, have no fear. There is no such thing as an impossible knot. Here are some steps that you can follow to help you through it. 

Take a deep breath and evaluate the situation. 
Try the traditional route by picking at it carefully with your fingers till you loosen up the knots and pull them apart. This method requires some patience on your part as a frustrated hand could make matters worse. 

If you don’t trust your fingers with the necklaces or if it happens to be too fiddly you could always take the surgical route. This involves using something pointed like sewing needles to carefully pull the necklaces apart at the most problematic areas. 

If the tangles play out to be a bit stubborn you could always lubricate them by adding a few drops of olive oil or powder to reduce friction and make things easier. 

It is also helpful to look at the tangles from a closer angle, perhaps through a magnifying glass when you’re working. Also, you must make sure you untangle them in a well-lit area as this will ensure maximum visibility and effectiveness on your part.
Taking a few extra steps to protect your necklaces from each other can ensure your outfits are always on point. Necklaces do need a tiny bit of extra vigilance but they’re totally worth it.