Your office can sometimes be hectic (Okay, Okay! Well, Mostly) even if you love your work. Numerous emails are waiting to get your attention, weekly goals are continually reminding you how much is left to do, and with all that, your boss gives you a call to prepare for a presentation in 3 hours to add extra pressure while you work.

Now, What? 

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You are confused between, “Yo, we only live once,” but “I need to save some money too?” or must you be contemplating about how to relax and avoid all this work stress without avoiding going to work?
Relatable? Keep reading! You’re about to know some surprisingly easy tips to relax while working in the office without the need to leave your seat. Yes, you read it right.
Let’s Get It, Workers!  

1. De-Stress Your Stressed Neck Muscles

According to a study released by the bureau of labor statistics, an employee spends an average of 8.8 hours a day at work. Continuous sitting is the demand of your work at the office. No wonder many people suffer from neck pain while working. It’s your duty, your responsibilities to complete your office work goals, but it doesn’t mean you need to do them with a stiff neck.

You have to finish a report, and you got no time for a 15-minute relaxing break to relax your tensed neck muscles. With an instant pain relief neck pillow, you don’t need to leave your site for the sake of relieving those sore muscles. Keep working on your report and stiff neck muscles at the same time!

2. Give a Break to Your Tired Eyes
You have been searching for some material on your computer screen for your presentation since morning, regularly writing up notes in your work diary. Finally, after 2 hours, you got every information you needed, but guess what, you touched your eyes to relax them a little, but they are burning (well, not literally, but you got the point).

If your designation is an office worker, it is almost impossible to avoid using a computer or laptop. This increased screen exposure can impact your eye in negative ways. One easy way to relax your tired eyes is by taking a short 1-2 minute break while you work. You cannot avoid using a screen but what you can avoid is the digital eye strain you are going to get with all the screentime. 

3. Massage That Tension Away
One common issue almost every office employee or employer feels with the constant work pressure and long standard 8-hour office seating is the painful headache. But you cannot always take medicine or go out for some fresh air to relieve the tension away.

What can you do in such a situation to ease the pain with a pile of files looking at you innocently? 

Massaging the pressure-points is the solution! Start rubbing your temples with your fingers gently to relax your tight scalp muscles. Relax those pressure-points behind your ears and lightly massage them with your thumb. Keep a balm or calming oil like peppermint to get rid of the pain instantly. 

4. Breathe In, Breathe Out

When nothing works, breathing does! (Literally)
The best way to relax your tired body is deep breathing. Now, you must be thinking, what in the world are we talking about. You are alive because you are breathing. Right? Well, go a sentence back and reread it. Next time when you feel stressed while working in the office, notice the change in your breathing.

To keep your mind relax, you need to breathe as you usually do without any pressure of a sudden one-hour work report. If you’re here in search of such methods to relax at work, then repeat with us. 

Breathe in, breathe out. Breathe in, breathe out. Breathe in, breathe out. Feeling better? Yes, it’s that easy!

5. A 5-Minute Calming Music Won’t Hurt
Another surprisingly easy tip on our list to relax while working in the office is listening to some music. And, no, we don’t mean a blasting one hour concert but a 5-minute break to relax. What could be a better way to do it than listening to calming instrumental music. If a lyrical fast beat helps you calm your nerves, then be it. Listen to whatever music you find relaxing but don’t forget you are still at work and not at a concert.

6. Losen Up Your Hands (Not On Your Colleagues)
You have been typing a report for 2 hours straight. Not only is your neck stiff, your eyes are tired, but you also feel a throbbing pain in your wrists up to your fingers. Relax your hands, start massaging the muscle between your index finger and thumb, rub in circles around the palm of your hand. You’ll feel an instant soothing sensation. Keep the pressure light to avoid any further discomfort. 

7. Munch On Snacks
Snacking can be an effective way to relax while working in the office. Remember, we are talking about munching on light snacks and not gulping down a whole delicious cheeseburger. We see you, foodies!

When you feel your body is stressed out from all the work, treat yourself to a mini protein bar or heavenly chocolate for an immediate energy boost. Don’t get tempted by a tasty looking pizza slice, cheesy bites, or a bowl of cheesy pasta. You can also order a refreshing drink to have while working on your daily tasks—Munch on snacks that are light on the palate. 

Final Thoughts
When it comes to relaxing while working in the office, you have to opt. for easy and quick ways that you can follow without the need to leave your seat. To avoid the hassle of thinking through your already hectic work routine, we have made this guide especially for you. 

You don’t have to work with tensed muscles, stiff neck, headache, or most importantly, stress. Try our surprisingly easy tips to relax while working in the office without the need to leave your seat, and let us know what works best for you.