Most people do not go to find ads. The Digital Marketing team and creative department coordinate and work together as a team to create the latest weekly ads that appeal to a specific group of people. A good ad will help in increasing sales and brand awareness. 

Brand Awareness-

If you started a new business, the only people who know will be your friends and family. An advertisement targets to make your presence, your customers should know that you exist and bring a wide range of audience for your brand. 

Brand Advertising-

Brand advertising is a way of making communications to build a long-lasting relation with consumers over time. When using brand promotions, the target is to set a brand image and credibility. 

Brand Awareness Behavioral Effect-

An advertisement’s foremost work is to make sure that people know that your services or products are available in the market for all. People who view weekly ads get to know about your business just like they find about trending news. 

Consumers get the information they need-

Most advertisements will provide customers with an idea of what are the features of the product. For an effective advertisement, it should generate curiosity inside customers. Like, offer some discounts with ads like, come shop with us and save a lot on your shopping. 

Weighing the Benefits-

Consumers will see your weekly ads and decide for themselves how your product will help them and make them happier. This is very unreasonable consumer behavior and is a part of the advertising process.  For example, Walmart weekly ads show how their specific products can make your life easy and happy. 

Reminders and Ad-Repetition-

Human memory is not that good. If you will just show the ad once or twice to the audience, some of them will decide to buy, but most of them will not. In most real-life cases it takes a few times before an ad makes any effect on consumers. 
Tracking the insights helps online advertisers to target the right set of audience. Most of the time when an ad repeats enough it imprints in the consumer's mind. 
You will start noticing the advertisements for planners, photographers, musicians, and other wedding-related tasks. 

Advertisement is very important in these competitive times. Understanding how ads affect the consumer’s behavior will allow you in creating an ad that addresses each factor properly. No matter if it’s a social media ad, television ad, etc. 

A good advertisement increases sales and brand awareness. An ad is a brilliant way to get to know about any kind of products and services they need. Understanding the effect of ads on consumer behavior will make you able to create meaningful, more memorable ads.