Newborns and pushchairs
Newborns are the super sensitive babies who just opened their eyes in the new world. Parents or guardians take much care for the newborns: their bedding, feed and all done with due care. There involved hundreds of things for making them feel cosy and comfortable. Pushchairs or strollers are one of them. For a newborn, the pushchair is one of the handiest items. A pushchair, a stroller or a buggy are the name of the same item for the better sitting of your newborn. 

Types of pushchairs
A right stroller or pushchair type would make your newborn feel ease and, it is very much necessary to select the one best pushchair for your newborn among hundreds of multiple strollers. There are different types of pushchair include double pushchairs for newborn. A few of the commons shared below:

1. Strollers
2. Prams
3. Double strollers
4. Lightweight stroller
5. Care seat carrier

Selection of the best stroller or pushchair based on various influencing factors. Such as; your budget, your lifestyles, where you want to carry your newborn and how many newborns you are carrying with you? A stroller must be light in weight so that I could be easily carried with anywhere.

Top 5 pushchairs for newborns
It is hard to find the best pushchair for your newborn. If you are in search of an ideal pushchair for a newborn, then must read the buyer guides as well as buyer reviews regarding different types of a stroller or pushchair. Here we have collected the world's most top used pushchairs for newborns. Have a look at their description:

1. Bugaboo Fox 2
The pushchair named "Bugaboo Fox 2" considered to be the most comfortable and handy pushchair for multiple terrains. It can carry babies with 22kg weight maximum. It has a carrycot which is wide enough to carry your newborn easily. This stylish and easy to push stroller little expensive too. This foldable stroller can be used with wheels, and you can carry it after removing wheels.

2. Mamas and papas Ocarro
It is the best countryside to use the stroller. This was an awarded stroller in 2020. It has 13kg weight and can carry babies with 22kg weight. It is easy to carry in the car too. For a smooth ride with your newborn, this stroller with a spacious shopping basket would be significant enough. Its solid wheels make it's working smoother and more excellent. If you recently went with C section, then this might be bulky and weighty for using this stroller. The pushchairs suited the rural areas where handling the different terrains required.

3. Baby jogger city mini GT2
The light frame baby stroller named “Baby jogger city mini GT2” is one of the best pushchairs for newborn. It has large backset space underneath the stroller to carry and store your toddler’s items and rubbish which you have to carry with you. This stroller works perfectly on steel or off-road surface. Its retractable weather cover with an