So… you or someone you know just received the life changing news that a little bundle of joy is on its way. Excitedly preparing with a baby shower registry and weekly shopping trips. Bibs, diapers, pacifiers, belly butter, and vitamin supplements. Check! There’s one holy grail maternity item that is often overlooked: compression socks for pregnancy.
You read that correctly. Compression socks are a double whammy for both trendy and medicinal sockwear. Truth is, behind every woman’s beautiful pregnancy glow is a body swelling in pain. All of which stems from the drastic physiological changes her body experiences. The legs and feet, nonetheless, are the most affected because they push blood flow up towards the heart. (As above, so below.) 
Good news is that compression socks help counteract the side effects of pregnancy. The fact they’re making a comeback in fashion means a win-win for your style and comfort! Let’s discuss the top 4 reasons why any momma-to-be should invest in compression socks. 

1. Compression socks relieve lower leg pain that accompanies pregnancy. 
During pregnancy, a mother bears anywhere between 20 to 30 pounds of additional weight. All while they’re expected to continue 40 hour work weeks and be productive members of society. Put this much weight in a backpack and wear it backwards for 9 months. Imagine how much this would strain your back, legs, and feet. Though good for lingering around the house, they’re especially useful for work and strenuous tasks. Pregnant and productive is all the more possible with compression socks. 
2.Compression socks improve blood circulation.
Maternity is a magical experience because a mother’s body accommodates another human being. Meaning she must produce more bodily fluids and hormones to sustain herself and her baby. Mommas may be superheroes, but they aren’t invincible. Vulnerable, if anything. All the drastic bodily changes and weight gain can disrupt blood circulation that can lead to a slew of health complications down the road. This can include blood clots and in worse cases DVT (deep venous thrombosis). Compression socks constantly apply upward pressure around the legs and ankles to relieve swelling. 
3. Compression socks relieve venous pressure.
The heart pumps more blood during pregnancy. Meaning any disruption with blood circulation can result in blood and other fluids accumulating in tissues. Because this decreases blood pressure, it in turn increases venous pressure. Therefore, blood pooling can offset circulation and cause veins to enlarge. Known as varicose veins, they can cause immense discomfort and eventually blood clotting if not treated accordingly. Most compression socks are designed to put pressure around the calves and ankles to improve blood flow.  
4. Compression socks decrease the risk of a miscarriage or stillbirth. 
A fast paced world adds both physical and emotional pressure for expecting mothers. The physical pain, hormonal changes, and external stress from the world becomes too much for the body to handle during pregnancy. Commonly resulting in blood clots in the placenta that cuts off oxygen supply to the baby. (Eeek!) Compression socks deal with the issue from the source. Relieving pain and swelling to improve circulation, which therefore improves how you respond to stressful situations. More importantly, they protect yours and your baby’s health.

Physicians generally recommend compression socks as precautionary rather than as essential. Then again, precaution is essential in today’s world. Compression socks are one of the greatest defenses an expecting mother has against any pregnancy risks. Pregnancy doesn’t have to be unpleasant, infact it shouldn't be! So you mommas-to-be— go ahead and put a sock on it!