According to an educational ideal, education is more than the mere acquisition of knowledge - individuality and personality as well as the development of talents play an equally important role. Education is therefore a process of individualization through which people can develop their personality. Education can be described as “the acquisition of a system of morally desirable attitudes through the mediation and acquisition of knowledge in such a way that people choose, judge and take their position in the reference system of their historical-social world, get a personality profile and gain orientation in life and action ". 

At the same time, the idea of online education has made great progress in 2020 and this trend is likely to grow afterward.

Don't forget about networking
Build a network at the university! You won't get very far on your own and you will certainly stay below your possibilities. In the exam preparation, in internship or later in professional life: team player and Networker are needed! So make as many contacts as possible in the New Year and get to know new people at every opportunity. It's going to be worth it. Learn more about your educational interest in the

Don't be so cautious about lecturing
Lectures are usually traditional: the lecturers come into the lecture hall, begin the lecture, the students listen in boredom, write something down here and there and then the performance is over again. But, it doesn't have to work that way! You can get involved in the lecture and actively participate. If your lecturers include interactive parts and ask open-ended questions, you should get involved. Not to distinguish yourself, but to learn. Overcome yourself and from now on don't be so cautious in the lecture. Ask questions and participate!

Accessing Online Education
It must not be the first time you are hearing about the online education system. However, the trend has penetrated the education market, especially in 2020 due to COVID-19. is one of the leading online education platform offering the high-school students to study their core subjects online – a feasible mode of tutoring.

Don't be afraid of your lecturers
How often did you talk to your professor in the last semester? How often did you ask when you didn't understand something? I bet little to no. But you're missing out on something. You don't need to be afraid of your lecturers. Respect yes, fear no. Your lecturers don't bite! So trust yourself and seek contact

Stop living in a mess
Clean up again! How do you want to get your studies if you can't even get your desk up to scratch? The excuse "order is for primitives, only genius rules chaos" does not count. Be a decent genius! 

Don't cheat. Not even a little bit
Actually, I would like to talk to you briefly about cheating in your studies. Just leave it! Those who still go to exams with a cheat sheet or steal formulations for their thesis have not understood what the university and science are all about. Better be honest and be proud of yourself in the end. At worst, you destroy you through fraud nor your studies.

Don't publicly blaspheme your lecturers
Lecturers can sometimes be annoying and unfair. Each of us has made the acquaintance of an incompetent professor or an unjust examiner at least once during our studies. I can understand when something like that annoys you and you want to let out all your frustration. But be careful! Even if you feel the need to really blaspheme, you should be careful and never speak badly about your lecturers in public. Do not blaspheme in the canteen, in the lecture hall or on social media. The probability is high that it will otherwise have a negative impact on you. If you would like to make a rating, please be transparent and fair. Online portals such as or Medicmind  are suitable for this.

Don't neglect your friend circle
Your studies are often exhausting and you have far too little time in addition to all of your university obligations and your student job. When there is housework or family, friends and hobbies often fall by the wayside. This is exactly the wrong approach! You need your friends to be able to lead a nice, fulfilling life. And that's why you should make time for them regularly. Even if you only meet her for a coffee during the semester break: meet her!

Don't let yourself fall for everything
Are you one of those students who put up with everything from authoritarian people? From now on, it's over! Don't let your classmates, roommates, or examiners push you around. You are an adult and you have a strong personality. If something does not suit you or you are treated unfairly, you have to say so. You have to stand up for yourself and your opinion. Otherwise nobody will.

Example: Were you treated or assessed unfairly in your exam?

Step 1: Go to the exam review and look at the correction.

Step 2: File an objection and challenge the exam.

Don't let yourself dance around!

Never be unprepared 
Make a goal of always having a plan and being prepared for any opportunity in your studies. A nice quote: “Happiness is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.” So from now on you will help your happiness a little! Be fully there from the first lecture in the semester and attach great importance to intelligent preparation.

Don't brag
Showing off doesn't make you any better in your studies. You are only reducing the number of people who like you and who are at your side if you have problems. So you trip yourself up when you brag about your grades or your great part-time job. Instead, help your fellow students study and encourage them to become even more successful.

Stop studying while flying blind
You need a common thread in your studies. Without orientation and without a concept you just idle unproductively, miss unique opportunities and never become really successful. Therefore, create a study plan and stop your flight blind! Fittingly: In this guest article on I have put together the 4 most common mistakes when planning your studies.

Don't always try to do everything perfectly
Perfectionism is great. I thought for a long time, but that's rubbish. Perfectionism kills your productivity and breaks you in the long run. However, perfectionism and dealing personally with this topic are part of my studies. Read my article: Why perfectionism is important in studying and how not to break it.

Stop comparing yourself to your fellow students
Many students compare themselves to their fellow students and always want to be the best. Your studies are about you and not about your fellow students. Nobody has the same requirements, the same story and the same personality as you. Therefore you do not have to copy anyone and you do not have to constantly compare yourself with others. This won't get you anywhere and will only make you unhappy.

Stop studying under your means
Do you develop yourself further during your studies or do you like to lean back and rest on your laurels? Successful students repeatedly bring themselves out of their comfort zone and thus regularly grow beyond themselves. And you should do that too. Have more confidence in yourself and just stop staying below your possibilities! In this article, I'll show you a method you can use to trick yourself and force yourself to succeed.

Don't let failure get you down
Setbacks are part of life. And for studies anyway. So if you’ve made a mistake or an exam turned out to be shitty, you can't let it drag you down. Learning from mistakes, yes. But let the negative thoughts prevail and lose self-confidence, no. It doesn't matter if you fall 10 times as long as you get up 10 times.

Don't always deliver only the bare essentials
If you want to really get started in your studies, then do more than necessary. Read more books on the subject than instructed. Learn more than the exam-relevant chapters in the script. Be more specific in your research. Always deliver a little more than is expected of you. That makes the difference.