Purses are the perfect opportunity in accessories for function to meet form. We often choose a purse based on what looks good. This isn’t too far off base. Of course you’ll want your purse to match as many ensembles as possible and reflect your personal sense of style. Greater consideration is necessary when selecting the style of purse. Your purse is your portable utility kit. Its design plays the most important role in deciding how you’ll use it and how much you can carry. Before you start shopping, consider what type of purse is best suited to your lifestyle.

1. The Satchel

Satchels are the ultimate multifunctional bag. They function as a weekend purse just as well as they function as a workday bag. Most satchel style purses can comfortably fit a small laptop, or any other tech you’d need to haul with you back and forth from the office. Satchels are roomy enough to accommodate books, making them the ideal bag for on the go students. Think of a satchel like a soft briefcase that also has room for your lip balm and keys. They’re the perfect utility tool for the pragmatist who prefers one bag that will do it all.

2. The Hobo Bag

Hobo bags are named for their shape. The purse is a crescent silhouette with a heavy bottom, similar to the shape of a blanket tied to a stick. Hobo bags are the ideal purses for women who need to carry a lot of stuff. Their size and shape expands almost infinitely. If you need to be equipped with a full arsenal that you can use at a moment’s notice (think deodorant and wipes for a post-workout cleanup, emergency makeup for a surprise outing, a hairbrush, and even a change of socks and undies), a hobo purse will comfortably accommodate all the things you might need.

3. The Wristlet

Wristlets are delicate, dainty little purses. In essence, they’re wallets that are useful for more than just holding your cards. Wristlets are great for the woman who tries to keep a “phone, cash, keys, ready to go” mentality. If you don’t bring an awful lot with you, a larger purse will seem like an empty, bottomless abyss. If you can comfortably fit everything you carry in the pockets of your jeans, a wristlet is the perfect purse for you.

4. The Shoulder Bag

Shoulder bags are larger, bulkier purses. In many ways, they’re tote bags that boast an aura of sophistication. Shoulder bags are wonderful for moms who have to carry their necessities, as well as the things their youngsters need. They’re spacious enough to store enough goods for multiple people. Many shoulder bags don’t have a lot of compartments, and that’s a good thing. You can buy inserts and organizers for a shoulder bag that will allow you to create a custom configuration that simplifies your life.

5. The Sling Bag

Sling bags are the sweet spot between a wristlet and a shoulder bag. They’re bigger than a wallet, but smaller than a full sized purse. Sling bags are very practical. They will allow you to carry all of your essentials without bulking you up or occupying your hands. When you’re shopping, travelling, or even working, a sling bag can rest across your shoulder without getting in your way. Even if your sling bag isn’t your main purse, it always helps to have one. It’s more chic than a fanny pack and it serves a similar purpose – convenience and portability.


For the most part, there isn’t such thing as a “one and done” purse. If it’s crucial that your bag fits your lifestyle, you might find that having several variations of the same purse will work out wonderfully for you. If you’re constantly changing up your routine and your activities are varied, you’ll probably want multiple bags for multiple occasions.