The best use of available space is to utilize even the vertical space in a room. Besides, it is good to be always mindful of style and elegance when selecting your furniture. Bunks beds can accomplish all these functions while still serving their role of ensuring comfort at all times. The following are some of the best ideas for good bunk beds.

Twin Bunk Beds

These are the most common bunk beds. They consist of normal beds that are stack on top of each other. The top bed is accessed by standing on the backboard of the lower bed since it is not very high. It saves space and, most of all, fill up the bedroom without obstruction. They offer the best solution for a kid or guests' room and leaves room for other furniture such as a wardrobe or a clothes cabinet.

Bunk Bed Tower

This bed is similar to the twin bunk beds, albeit of different height. It provides ample headroom for the lower bed hence the name bunk bed tower. The top bunk is accessible by a staircase slanting on its side. The bunk bed tower provides inbuilt closets, which comes in handy for storage. Also, they leave ample space that can be occupied by a playhouse or even a study room for the occupants.

L Shaped Bunk

This is ideal for maximizing space around a corner. Two twin beds assume the shape of an L, thus maximizing the occupants with little space. This avoids the congestion in the room, and they hand at a low height hence serving the users easily. For those who enjoy bedroom entertainment, the ample space can occupy a TV unit design of choice for added comfort.

Slide Out Bunk bed

A slide-out bunk bed remains hidden until the time of its use. It is tucked in the wall where it slides into itself. Upon pulling out, different compartments slide out and fit into each other, revealing a full bed. It is an ultra-space saver as it reveals almost an empty room without any congestion or clutter. This is ideal for confined spaces where the bed is needed at specific times only.

Hanging Bunk bed

This bunk bed is a very stylish and innovative idea for saving space. The beds hang on slanting ropes, which are anchored to the wall. They hang on top of each other, and others can even assume opposite sides leaving a staggered appearance of hanging bunk beds.

Stairway Bunk Bed

A stairway bunk bed is parallel to the longest wall in the room. It has four beds which are divided in the center by a stairway. This stairway accesses the top two beds on each side. The beds are twin beds with head closets on each side. Their bases are anchored on a solid base to the floor for extra support. They not only add an elegant appearance but are the ideal bunk beds for a large family or a home with frequent guests.