Six out of ten Canadians confirm that they are either using Cannabis already or are interested in doing so. Among the interested non-users, 66% are more intrigued by marijuana edibles than other ways of experiencing Cannabis. 

Edibles come in many varieties

What are edibles? These are home-made or commercially produced food products that are infused with marijuana. In Canada, the recommended dose per edible is 10mg. Edibles come as baked goods, such as brownies, cookies, and cheesecakes. They also come in forms of candies and gummies. They can also be in liquid form, which is the case with teas, coffees, and sodas. Edibles are a growing menu, which is perfect for the increasing demand. 

Edibles are accessible and convenient

The selling of edibles in Canada is heavily regulated. You can purchase great-tasting edibles online or in-store, whichever is more convenient for you. There is a growing number of suppliers in Canada who do a great job of servicing motivated buyers. In Canada, 46% of cannabis buyers use it to have fun, and being able to buy edibles in different forms and sizes anywhere couldn't be more convenient. You can create your own edibles too, and the level of difficulty of making them is just as easy as cooking. 

Ingesting Cannabis is preferred by many consumers

Cannabis can be experienced in a myriad of ways. You can usually smoke a joint, dab a weed-infused cream, or ingest one like candy. Among the three, edibles are more enjoyable because of its taste and colour. 

Ingesting edibles can be done alongside other activities

Edibles have the lowest bioavailability compared to other methods of experiencing Cannabis. Bioavailability refers to how fast it takes before the drug affects you or your senses. When smoking Cannabis, you get the high almost instantly because your lungs can quickly transport the euphoric signals to your brain. In the case of edibles, the bioavailability varies from person to person because it is dependent on digestion. In general, you can expect to get high in 30 minutes or up to two hours. Since there is a downtime, you can take edibles while playing games at home. It is important to note that ingesting edibles should be done in a comfortable place where you can afford to be in a relaxed state—the effects of Cannabis while driving and working can lead to accidents and are extremely dangerous. 

Edibles are actually soothing 

Although many cannabis consumers buy for recreational use, the majority of users do so for health reasons. Consumers love the benefits such as anxiety relief, better sleep, and improved mood. Individuals who haven't tried edibles to sleep faster and better are seriously considering the possibility, should the need arise. The same goes for people who are open to alleviating pain through the use of this medicinal plant. 

Edibles are leading the Cannabis market in Canada for many good reasons. It is still important to note that excessive consumption, prolonged or not, is not suitable for your health.