When it comes to purchasing an engagement ring for your beloved, there are many styles to choose from. There is an enormous amount of anticipation and excitement when ring shopping, however, if you aren’t aware of what you are looking for then there is nervousness as well. To make the process of choosing the right engagement ring easier for you, as a fine jewelry store Atlanta, we have curated a list of the most popular engagement ring styles. 

Without much ado, let’s get started.

Halo Diamond Rings

Halo diamond rings are an immensely popular choice for newly engaged couples today and are a more modern take on the classic solitaire style diamond ring. In a halo ring, a large center diamond is surrounded by smaller diamonds in a circle. The diamonds are affixed in paved or claw set and its shape can vary from circular to rectangular to marquise, pear, and emerald style. The shape depends on the shape of the center stone which will either be a round brilliant or fancy cut shape. The shoulders of the ring can either be plain or diamond-studded depending on the buyer’s preference. Due to the additional stones, the total carat weight of the ring will generally be more than the carat of the main stone. This type of style is great to add sparkle to a small center diamond or a colored gemstone. 

Solitaire Diamond Rings

The solitaire diamond ring is the ultimate classic style with one main center stone mounted either on a plain or diamond-embellished band (shank). This ring style is all about the diamond, so investing in a quality stone is essential. You need to look out on how the stone is set in the ring, whether it is six prongs, four or three. This tends to be the distinguishing feature when you are deciding between two solitaire settings. Many solitaire rings just have one center diamond on a platinum or white gold band, however, it is also very popular to have a center stone complemented by smaller side set diamonds. The size and quality of the center stone is the primary determinant of the price you will pay rather than the smaller side stones. The round brilliant cut diamond ring is the most common option with solitaires but, princess cut, cushion cut, and emerald cuts are also great options. 

Three Stone Diamond Rings

The three-stone diamond rings also known as trinity or trilogy ring showcases a dazzling trio of diamonds balanced in perfect harmony. This ring style symbolizes past, present, and future. The center diamond is bigger and usually set higher than the complementary side diamonds to highlight the diamond and add depth to the ring. Three-stone diamond rings feature a shimmering center stone flanked by brilliant diamonds or sapphire side stones. It is a wonderful choice for a woman who is sentimental and enjoys symbolism. 

Cluster Diamond Rings

Cluster diamond rings are ideal for a woman who like something special and unique as well as loves combining different colors. With a mix of gemstones and diamonds, these rings can have birthstones as well. In this ring style, small diamonds are set closely together to resemble a large diamond adding brilliance to the ring. A cluster ring can contain large center stone or a group of stones of equal size. The diamonds in a cluster ring often form a geometric shape such as a square or a unique design like flower or starburst. Many cluster rings can have an antique look as well such as offered by Royal Design Fine Jewelry, the best jewelry store Atlanta

Vintage Diamond Rings

Timeless beauty is always in style and vintage diamond rings possess splendor from a bygone era but exhibit a contemporary twist. Vintage rings are one of a kind and long-lasting, which is why many women are drawn to them. You can choose an art deco ring with fanned motifs, geometric shapes, and baguette-cut stones. Another one to go for is a Victorian ring which has heavy, ornate metalwork, and statement stones. Flower-shaped clusters and three or five stone settings are immensely popular styles to choose from. 

These are some of the best diamond engagement ring styles you can choose for your would-be-bride to dazzle her. If you have any questions or queries and are looking for assistance in choosing a ring style, then visit the Royal Design Fine Jewelry store today.