It doesn’t matter whether you are a startup or small business, you must have a logo. Nowadays, you don’t need to spend a lot of money and wait for too long only to create a logo. Turbologo is an online logo maker that helps you to create a logo instantly. You don’t have to download any software only to produce a logo. Here, we will show to you the easy steps to make a logo with Turbologo.   

Go To Official Website and Start To Use the Logo Maker 

Indeed, you don’t need to download or buy software to create a logo. You only have to connect to the internet and visit the official website. Then, you can click the Create a Logo button. This action directs you to the things you should do to produce a great logo for your business. The first thing to do is to complete the personal information about the business. Just type the company name and industry. You can also add the slogan of the business if you have it. Click the Continue button to go to the next step. 

Choose the Color Inspiration 
You will go to the color inspiration page after clicking the Continue button. You will see several color combinations. Just choose one of them that represents your brand, products, and services. You may skip this step if you don’t want to choose it. 

Choose the Icon 
A logo often consists of a font and icon. Now, you have to choose an icon that represents your products and services. There are so many images on this page. The system classifies the images into several categories such as flowers, circle, crown, house, girl, clothes, abstract, heart, sport, square, tree, and triangle. After finding the best image that you will use on the logo, click the Generate Logos button. Indeed, the logo maker helps you to create a logo icon without drawing it first. You only have to choose the best image and apply it to the logo. 
See the Logos 
In this step, you can start to see the sample of your logo. The system generates your options into several cool logos. You can edit the logo if you are not too satisfied with the first trial. Just make sure that you have signed in, so you can see the logo and edit it. You can sign in by using your Facebook or Google account. You will see the logo along with the various attractive and enchanting fonts. It seems that your dream to have a logo for your products and services come true. 

Download the Logo 
The next step is downloading the logo to use it just like what you want. In this case, Turbologo offers three different plans. You can use the Lite plan to get the file along with a watermark of Turbologo. You can remove the watermark by choosing the Standard or Business plan. You don’t need to pay for anything else except the logos you want to download and use. 

Use the Logo
In this step, you can use the logo for free just like what you want. You can put the logo on your t-shirts, mugs, products, and others. You don’t need to think about copyright ownership anymore. By the time you finish the payment, it means the logo is yours. Turbologo has bought the license, so you can use the fonts and icons on your logo.

So, you should scale up your business. One of them is by creating an attractive and professional logo. Turbologo helps to create a logo without spending a lot of money and waiting for the process too long. You don’t need to spend your money on a designer by using the logo maker. The process is also not as complicated as you can imagine. The system prepares everything you need to create a logo. As a result, you can create a logo in a few minutes. The result is also the same as the logo made by a professional designer. Turbologo is suitable for anyone who needs a logo whether for business or personal branding. Just follow the steps above and you will get your best logo immediately. Indeed, your brand and products will be more attractive with a logo on it.