If we had a graph that could show us our productivity in the last couple, most of us would see a sharp declining line. Let’s face it, the mental trauma of the lockdown and the COVID situation has put a serious hit on our productivity. But we also need to understand that the pandemic is not going to get over in the near future and it is still not going to safe going outside but the graph has to get up because falling further down would not look good on our mental health as well as our careers.

We have come up with a list of things you can do online that will help you not only in making a solid resume but would help in developing your own character. These things will benefit you if you take them with a little seriousness and enroll these as a part of your daily routine. Spending just a fraction of your daily screen time in these activities would create a worthy impact in the long run in the post-pandemic world. 

Freelancing or Interning 

All of us know how tough it is to find a new job at these times. Organizations are working on finding ways to cut costs in any manner possible, the most common one is firing people. When these organizations fire their working staff, they try to get the work done in a lesser amount of money which is only possible if they assign these tasks to temporary employees known as interns or freelancers

Freelancers and Interns provide a benefit to the companies by working at a cheaper cost and they do not become a liability for the organization as they can be fired with a shorter notice period. As a freelancer you have the opportunity to work for multiple organizations at the same time, gaining both experience and some money in your bank account. There are several online portals that act as bridges between organizations and people who are willing to work. Your resume looks stronger and better if you have worked for multiple organizations as you get the opportunity to learn and grow as you work more and more.

Grow your network

This era of the digital world is looking for people with stronger and diverse connections. One can get any work done if they know just the right people even if they know them virtually. With the growth of social media, it has become tremendously important as well as easy. Networking plays an extremely important role in helping you develop and improve the correct skill set required in your field, stay on top of the latest trends.

You can use portals like Linked.in and even popular social media websites to keep a pulse on the job market, meet prospective mentors, partners, and clients, and gain access to the necessary resources that will cultivate your career. Meeting new people will not only help you in your professional lives but will help you improve on your personal characteristics such as communication skills. A stronger network is directly proportional to the amount of work you are going to get because people almost always want to work with people they already know and are comfortable with.

Make your Car Sound Better

The importance of having a car that has a good sound system is very high. While we do not have the opportunities to make a road trip in the times of this lockdown but we can always make a short trip (Make sure you do not get out of the car in public plays. Stay Safe) and with a wonderful system, this will calm down your nerves like never before. One thing I would like to inform you before proceeding is you need to upgrade your Battery as well. Here is an article which lists the  best car audio battery.

One of the most neglected parts in creating a decent sounding music system in a car is that people forget the impact of the noise created by the movement of the car itself. Most vehicles have their speakers set on the car doors, which being a metal part interferes with the sound a lot. This problem has a simple solution, sound deadening. It is the process of putting sound deadening sheets in between different layers of the metal. These layers are made of different materials, some sound deadening at every speaker location works like a charm, but finding other areas of vibration, will enhance the quality of the sound to the next level. 

If you are willing to spend some more money, then adding a subwoofer in your vehicle will change the way your system has ever worked. It will do wonders to your ears, you will have the extra punch of bass packed in your vehicle. A good subwoofer has the ability to convert your vehicle into a moving home theatre that delivers top-notch sound.