Celebrations are the brightest ways of making an occasion or a moment the most memorable. And guess what the only thing that carries the whole essence of the celebration is! It is the cake. Even if it is the last moment decided celebration, all you need is to arrange for a cake and your most favorite people. Cakes are delicious, no matter whatever the flavor is and also, what a celebration with a cake without smashing it to your beloved’s face! Here is a list of the topmost delicious cakes to make your occasions special. 

1) Durian Cake
If you are a foodie from heart, then you must know about this flavor though most of the people do not know about it. Durian is a hard, fleshy, and spiky fruit that is native to Southeast Asia and known as the ‘king of the fruits’ due to its size. It is difficult to reach the fleshy part, but once you do, you won’t get rid of it. Emicakes is one of the best Order cake online in Brazil sites that delivers the best quality durian cake anywhere in the world. It will taste better and magnified flavor of the durian candies and it’s like heaven.  

2) Mississippi mud cake
A mud cake is always the best in flavor. Its texture is so delicious and amazing that your day will become the best just with its presence as a gift. This is exactly the reflection of its name. It tastes chocolaty, buttery, and hailing from a Southern country. Amongst all these tasty treats, there are pecans and choco-chips for your twist of tongue. In the summer breeze, this cake will just set the perfect mood for the celebration. It would be the perfect rocky road ice cream flavored cake. 

3) Chocolate birthday cake
Chocolate is the celebration flavor if you could name it. Even the advertisement for Cadbury expresses happiness with chocolate. SO, on the occasion of birthday, chocolate is all you need to make it the most special. There are varieties of chocolates- white, dark, normal, flavored, drink flavored, and many more. Just get to know the birthday person’s favorite flavor and order the best chocolate birthday cake from an online site. And if you are planning for cake smashing, there is no cake better than the chocolate cakes. Mark it, it would be your favorite’s best birthday celebration ever. 

4) Rum Cake
When adults are celebrating and somehow the liquor is not available, this cake is the perfect alternative and complementary. A rum cake is a chocolaty fruit cake with the exact flavor of rum. Rum cakes have very cute memories of childhood- whenever you used to eat this in childhood, you used to look at your sibling whether he/she is getting dizzy or not. Also, apart from birthday cake delivery to Italy site, it is a cake that is very easy to make. SO, as now we are facing a crucial situation, for your beloved’s quarantine birthday, this cake would be a perfect treat. 

5) Baked Alaska
Just as Alaska is the perfect place for an outing in the scorching heat of summer at the other continents, just imagine the feelings! And you would have the exact feeling when you dig into this flavor cake this summer celebration party. With the backyard barbeques, what else makes a summer holiday chill-axing! The brownie based cake with the ice cream mound would take you on the real tour of Alaska this summer. When you go through the insulated protein-based layer of meringue, all there awaits is a pure love that will satiate your sweet tooth. 

6) Carrot Cupcake
If you are planning to arrange for cupcakes; then it is one of the most popular types of cakes on celebratory occasions. Carrot is usually that flavor of vegetables, but it is equally tasty and a perfectionist to make a dessert taste delicious. In the afternoon of your party, a cup of cinnamon tea paired with this carrot cupcake will set the perfect mood for the party. It is genuinely the most quality time partner before party warm-ups. The sweet of carrot and the smell of cinnamon will fill not just the taste buds but also the heart. 

7) Lemon Blueberry cake
It is the trendiest and best cake flavors for the birthday of your beloved. This multi-layered swoopy-creamy filler blueberry crowned cake will make any occasional celebration perfect. For a novice baker, this cake is the perfect first try. And as there is a lot of crème to whip upon, it will cover all your imperfections of the first try. This cake is an amazing choice for the dessert of the occasion. The sweet-sour treat is the perfect mouth refreshing flavors that will keep the guests remember your party. 
Cakes have always been the best companion for the celebration of special occasions. And amongst all the cakes, above are perfect.