An Instagram account is your business card, briefcase and just a way to get to know a lot of interesting personalities. Regardless of the purpose of creating a profile, you must take nickname selection seriously. Surely, when you registered, you repeatedly thought about how to register yourself in the installation, in order to compare favorably with a million similar accounts on the Web. This article has the answer to this sacramental question, and many other ideas for preserving and actively using in blogging life.

Whatever you call a yacht, that's how it's going to sail. The truthfulness of this expression is hard to argue. How often have you come across examples of unsuccessful business naming? And how often were a new establishment, new product or product simply ignored because of an unfortunate name? In fact, inventing a nickname in some kind of naming, because it is the nickname that will determine your positioning in the social network.

Your nickname must have its own zest to attract the attention of users.

Ideally, the zest provokes curiosity and the silent question is why this nickname? What does he mean?

When choosing a nickname, it is important to feel relevant and understand the purpose for which you are creating the perfect account - only then the success of naming is guaranteed.

How to come up with a nickname for Instagram.

You do not need to be an experienced creative artist to come up with an original nickname for an installation. It is enough to listen to our advice and choose the name that is close to you. Well, get ready to record and put it into practice.

Unusual surname or name

If you are lucky enough to have a funny surname or a non-banal name, use them for your own good. Naturally, you can beat existing data or add numbers to it, but do not forget to write everything in Latin. 


Ethnicity can be another reason to be proud and creative on social networks. The main task of creating a spectacular and memorable nickname: to distinguish you from others. It should have a feature that will not change too quickly, such as age. So why not choose a nationality?

Place of residence

A simple determinant, but at the same time it will help to identify your geolocation and attract an audience that might be interested in a blog. This rule also applies to owners of business accounts. Do you have a restaurant? Add these sheets to it and increase your popularity.


Almost everyone has hobbies and pastimes. Specify directly in the nick the type of activity that brings you pleasure and look for like-minded people among Instagram users.

By the way, you can combine a nickname with a name to get the perfect tandem. Like the mvoyagerblog.

Character traits

You can write about your character traits not only in profiles of dating sites, but also in nickname. A mean, kind, funny, humorous, comedian, sociopath, extrovert - what are the closest to you? Define and nickname this information.

Skills and abilities

You knit trend sweaters of any complexity? Do you know how to make fantastic pasta? Masterfully write texts "in the table" or to order? Or maybe your superpower is the ability to raise a wunderkind? Feel free to nick your talents, as this will help attract the target audience.

Appearance Features

Each person is unique. It's worth remembering and using for your own good. I'm sure you have a trait that makes you different from others. Expressive eyes, a dimple on the chin, a slender figure or an ultra-thin waist, lush forms - are they worth writing about right in the nym?

Other reasons to be proud

It's up to you to decide which talent, feature, aspect of your life should be highlighted in the name of the profile. But be aware of the strength of the context and the appropriateness of the signature, so that there is at least no embarrassment afterwards.