A hit and run is a scary experience that no one would ever want to go through. The experience of a car accident is bad enough, but when someone flees in order to avoid taking responsibility for the accident, it can feel like a violation of societal norms. 

A hit and run is particularly egregious because when the guilty driver runs away from the scene, they cannot even be sure whether the person they hit is fine or not. That makes a hit and run accident callous as well as irresponsible. It is also illegal. That is because the drivers involved in a car accident should never leave the scene— unless there is an emergency— before the authorities show up and give them permission to do so.

Nonetheless, sometimes drivers will flee the scene of an accident despite the negative consequences of that action. When that happens, the driver left behind can feel helpless, confused, and scared. However, there are steps that they can take to regain control of the situation and one of them is to hire a personal injury lawyer to help them with their case. If you live in the Jacksonville area and were the victim of a hit and run, then you can contact car accident lawyers Fasig and Brooks to get the help that you need.

The Steps to Take After a Hit and Run
While you may be a little disoriented after a hit and run accident, you should try to keep a cool, level head and take the following steps:

1. Do not chase after the fleeing driver. You may be understandably angry when you realize that a driver tries to escape after causing an accident, but you should not try to go after them if your car can still be driven. Not only will you be breaking the law as well by leaving the scene, but you may end up driving just as recklessly as the hit and run driver, which can get you in trouble. You should just stay right where you are even if you have the urge to try and catch the person responsible for the accident.

2. Take notes of the hit and run driver’s car and the driver if you can get a good look. Try to get as many details as possible, like the plate number, the color of the car, its make and model, and any distinctive features. You should also take note of which part of the vehicle hit you as the dents and scratches on that part of the car can help the police identify it. Any information helps so even a partial license plate number is useful. And even if you are unfamiliar with the make and model of the car, you may be able to identify its shape in a photo lineup. 

3. Call the police. You should do this whether or not you have any relevant information to give them. That is because a police report can be very useful when you file your insurance claim. If you do have useful information about the driver or their vehicle, then you should relay that information during the 911 call and later again to the officer who arrives on the scene.

4. Take pictures of your car and the accident scene. This can be very useful when it comes time to file your insurance claim as it can help to prove what damage was caused by the accident. You will need to prove that the accident was a hit and run to your insurance company and photos of the scene can help you to do so.

5. Talk to any witnesses. If you were unable to notice anything about the car or its driver, there may have been witnesses who did. Speak to them and get their contact information if they noticed anything that can help you.

6. Contact your insurance company. Doing so early on can help to speed up the claims process so that you can get your vehicle repaired as quickly as possible.

7. Call a personal injury lawyer if you suffered any injuries during the accident. If you were injured and need help with your medical bills, then a personal injury attorney can help you. They can negotiate with the insurance company on your behalf to get you the payout you need to cover your medical expenses.

Contact a Personal Injury Attorney If You Have Been Injured in a Hit and Run Accident
There are many reasons why someone would flee the scene of an accident they caused; they might be uninsured, they may have other outstanding warrants, they may worry about how an accident would affect their driving record, or it could be one of the dozens of other reasons. No matter the reason, the person they hit is left to deal with the mess the hit and run driver left behind. However, they do not have to deal with it alone. 

The police, witnesses, and the insurance company can all help. And a personal injury attorney could potentially provide the most help since they can deal with the insurance company so that the hit and run victim does not have to pay out of pocket. So contact a professional car accident lawyer if you were in a hit and run. They can provide the help that you need.