Working from home became a reality for many people after the coronavirus pandemic started this year. While it is good to spend less time on driving to the office, it may be challenging to stay productive working at home as there are much more distracting things and it is harder to separate work activity from personal life. In the situation we appeared, it becomes crucial to know how to organize and plan your tasks so that you don’t waste time and get everything done in time as well.

In this article, we tried to select the best tactics to help you stay organized at home. Let’s look at them in more details below:

Make Sure You Have a Clean Mailbox

No matter how often you communicate with your colleagues or clients, working remotely will definitely increase the number of your contacts via various digital communication channels. Email still remains one of the most popular ways of how to communicate on work-related topics. However, if you are using the same email address for personal purposes as well, with time your mailbox can become a real mess. Imagine the situation when you need to find an important message and you have hundreds of unread emails. To avoid this situation, it is recommended to clean your mailbox regularly. You can set a time during the day when you check your messages and delete everything you don’t need. If you don’t want to organize your emails manually, you can set filters and rules that will manage incoming emails that match this specific rule automatically.

Unsubscribe from Getting Unwanted Newsletters

Do you like to sign up for getting promotional newsletters? Some websites make this option really invisible and you can even miss the moment when you sign up for one more newsletter. This is not a problem if you are really interested in getting promotions from some website, but how many newsletters are you getting you don’t really need? Receiving their deals and other marketing materials can overwhelm your mailbox with time, so we recommend to unsubscribe from everything you don’t really need. Each legal email should contain an unsubscribe link which will opt you out from getting their promotions. Again, if you don’t want to unsubscribe from dozens of newsletters manually, you can use an unsubscriber app to automate this process and save your precious time.

Plan Your Tasks for the Next Day

One of the tips on how to become more productive is to plan your activities beforehand. Before going to bed, it is recommended to set the task list for the next day and set priorities to these tasks as well. This way you will know what task is the most important and you will start from it the next day instead of wasting time on deciding what to do first. You will be surprised to know how much time you can save if you have a task list and notes about their urgency and importance.

Organize Your Digital Life

It is the time when we need to do as many things staying at home as possible. On the other hand, this is the rise of numerous online services and you can order almost everything you need with your smartphone or laptop. If you want to stay productive during the day, try to optimize your personal time. All the time that you will save on going outside can be spent on something useful such as getting to learn a language, studying new skills, or self-improvement.