Whether you are an employee currently working from home or you are running your small family-owned business from a home office, you need to buy the right type of office desk. Home office desks do not only look different, but they also have different features. So, do you need an office corner desk or a writing desk? Let's learn about the ten most common types of office desks:

1. Writing desk

This is the simplest form of office desks that allows you to sit in the chair and finish your duties. Whether you are working on your next novel, writing your personal diary or reading your newest purchase, this is the right and the most affordable option available to you. Writing desks come in different styles, designs and finishes. So, you can easily choose the one that fits your style and taste. 

Keep in mind that a writing desk does not come with drawers and other details. Make it yours only when you know that there will be no clutter on your desk.

2. Floating desk

If you want to keep your floor space open and your desk free from clutter, invest in a floating desk. It is a desk built into the wall of the home office. So, it does not consume unnecessary space in the office, unlike other desks with bulky legs. You can have it just below the window of the home office. You will get to see a view you admire while working.

3. Computer desk

It is also a simple type of desk like a writing desk. The available space to work on the desk is the key factor that differentiates it from a writing desk. It offers the space you need for your technology devices. You need space for your CPU, monitor, cables and hookups and other devices. This desk comes with keyboard trays that you can slide out to work and slide in after finishing the job. You can easily manage all the wires and cables. 

4. Corner Desk

If you don't have a lot of space in the home office then an office corner desk is the best option available to you. As it occupies less space, you can have an extra chair in the home office. A corner desk with hutch or without hutch uses less foot space. It leaves more open space for other uses. From shelving units allowing you to keep books and other items to large desk units, an office corner desk comes in different styles. All styles of office corner desk offer more leg room than other types of office desks. Just like a floating desk, you can place it near a window if you have one near one of the corners of the home office.

5. Executive Desk

It is a large oversized piece of furniture consuming a lot of space in the home office. These are desks with lots of drawers, large desktop space and plenty of shelf space for your books and files. There is enough space for your printer, scanner and other devices. You cannot pair this desk with an ordinary office chair. You need a large leather executive desk chair. Lots of storage options make everything easily organizable and accessible.

6. Roll top desk

It is a classic pedestal desk design in which the desk is hidden behind a rolled lid. It comes with all sorts of organizational details such as slots to drawers and more. You can easily keep your mails, files and other items well organized. Once you have finished the job, you can hide everything away by rolling the top down. It is just like a beautiful ornate piece of furniture.

7. Dual-sided Desk

Choose a dual-sided desk if you need an extra-wide space for work. It is suitable for a conference type of work from home. You can use it to discuss your project with your partners, clients or your small team. It has ample desktop space. You can keep two chairs behind it. However, don't invest in a dual-sided desk if you have a small home office. It can make your small space look and feel cramped and unappealing.

8. Standing desk

Jobs that require sitting at a computer for hours can cause neck, shoulder and back problems. So, a lot of professionals prefer using adjustable height standing desks. Adjustable height desk allows you to alternate between standing and sitting according to your comfort. 

9. Armoire Desk

These are practical and quite elegant desks for home offices. You can keep everything inside the unit. There is a keyboard tray you can slide out for work. It consists of a drawer or two to hold your files. However, an armoire desk has a little desktop space.

10. L-shaped computer desk

An L-shaped desk offers plenty of clutter-free space to work. It can be a focal point, especially in an odd-shaped office. Like an office corner desk and other types of desks, L-shaped desks also come in a range of styles, finishes, woods and designs.