Nestled on the United States of America’s west coast, Oregon presents a lot of travel excitements to visitors. With a serene environment, this Washington based town is one of the best travel destinations you shouldn’t forget. So, why should you visit Oregon? Does it present the travel excitement you need in the United States of America? Keep reading to find out what you stand to enjoy by traveling to Oregon.

Breathtaking Landscapes

If you love nature, Oregon will feel like heaven to you. From Cannon Beach to the impressive Haystack rock, and gigantic waterfalls, the amazing sight of the city’s landscapes will simply take your breath away.

The Food

Oregon is famous for its delicious food and tasty wine. Fresh seafood, sizzling burgers, fusion food inspired by Mexican delicacies, and the sweetest donuts in the world are what exactly you’ll find here. And for vegetarians, there are plenty of options to satisfy their appetites.

Feel Welcome

When touring Oregon, always expect a warm welcome from the inhabitants. People will invite you to stay in their homes even without knowing you. Sounds strange, right? But that’s exactly what happens in this wonderful city. It’s too comforting and gives you the freedom to be who you’re without feeling judged. And the residence has a great sense of humor.

Great Explorers

Have you ever read the history of Oregon? Well, if so then you might have heard about Lewis and Clark. It was between 1804 and 1806 when these two guys led a contingent of first Americans to cross the Western portion o the USA. They did this on foot. Since then. This town has become a great historical and cultural town. Plus, President Thomas Jefferson commissioned Oregon as a great migration destination. Even more, it’s known as the Gold destination. So, if you want to enjoy the views of these immigration center, consider arranging a trip here.

Portland is the Best Place to Live

Portland, which is located near Oregon, offers numerous exciting living possibilities.   One, Portland is one of the best food destinations in the world. This makes it a unique place to live. Two, Oregon is a cultural hub. Thus, it’s hard to get bored here. Three, the Saturday Market offers you a place to wander during the weekends. This, if you are so much into the craft market, then Oregon is the place to be. Visit Oregon today and have a good time. Here, you will have an opportunity to purchase vegan dog biscuits and even ceramic artwork. In a nutshell, Portland is one of the coolest places you can visit and live.
The Bottom-Lone: The Scenic Roads

According to stats, Oregon houses the largest number of scenic byways in the US. So, you can rent a car and enjoy exciting road networks. So, spin that car along the beautiful Pacific Road and even the Columbia River. After all, it’s your money and time. So, make use of it. Visit places. Visit roads. You will never regret.