There is no denial that Halloween costume accessories are as important as Halloween costumes, to look perfect. We can't overlook Halloween accessories.

Although, picking the matching accessories is an effortful task as we need to consider every small detail such as theme, color, size, material, cost, etc.

Fortunately, we don't want you to get stuck. Therefore, we have compiled the list of How to choose the best Halloween costumes and How to choose perfect Halloween costume accessories, for you lovely people.

How to choose the best Halloween costumes

1) Pick your look

The first step in the process is deciding your look. Halloween gives us an opportunity to alter ego. Think about the other side of yours that you always keep covered from the people. Or think about the characters that you are really inspired by and always wanted to play, given a chance.

It could be sexy, wacky, scary, funny, cheeky, cute, angry, perky, or whatever. But also keep in mind your previous years' looks. Don't repeat them.

Once you finalize the look, decide the costume color. The design & color go hand-in-hand. For example, you can't wear black for a fairy look; except, you wanted to be a dark fairy! Similarly, you can't wear pink or blue for a Goth, Vampire, or a skeleton look.

However, don't be afraid to experiment, as it's Halloween time and anything goes!

2) Decide your Budget

Halloween costumes can be available in all ranges- from cheap like borscht to expensive like gold. So it is good to have an idea about how much you'd like to spend on.

For example, if you have a sibling who would wear your costumes next year or in the future, in that case, you can spend a little extra money on Halloween costumes. Otherwise, don't spend too much.

Check out for Halloween sales. Most of the stores have exclusive sales during this period. Here you can get very decent Halloween costumes at cheap prices.

However, you have to be prepared to spend at least $20-$40 because most of the decent Halloween costumes are available within this price range.

 3) Plan in advance

Don't run at the eleventh hour. Plan in advance whether you are going to DIY Halloween costumes or purchase it. In case you prefer DIY, then you must start preparing a month in advance. Because you will need time for finalizing the idea, for material shopping, for designing, and for tests & trials.

Last-minute runs will cost you in every way - you will have to pay extra bucks as well as you won't get what you wanted. So it's always better to be ahead in the game.

4) Consider other factors:

You also need to consider other factors like weather, Right size, Party venue, etc.

Weather: Be prepared for every sort of weather, be it rain, hailstorm, or bright sunshine. Check out the weather forecast for Halloween night in advance.

Venue: If your Halloween party is going to be indoor, then you need not worry much about the weather. But if it's outdoor, then you need to consider these factors. Also, find the distance between your home and party location in advance.

Above all, safety first! Make sure that you can move adequately. If your costume is long enough to trip on, then, hem, or trim the bottom edge. Choose sensible & comfortable soles.

How to choose perfect Halloween costume accessories

The Halloween Wigs:

The Halloween Wig market is vast and diverse. With the right Halloween costume, you need the right Wig. The right Wig can transform you into your favorite character in minutes. They are quick & easy.

There are thousands of Halloween Wigs available in the current Wig market such as, Khaleesi Halloween Wig, Donald trump Halloween Wig, Clown Halloween Wigs, Historical Halloween Wigs, PopStar & rockstar Halloween Wigs, Mermaid Halloween Wig, Unisex Halloween Wigs, Vampire Halloween Wigs, Elvira Halloween Wig, Jasmine Halloween Wig, Blonde Halloween Wig, Viking Halloween Wig, Rihanna Halloween Wig & Wednesday Addams Halloween Wig to name a few.

 How to choose the best Halloween Wig:

Just like Halloween costumes, choosing the right Halloween Wig is equally important. While selecting a Wig, you have to care about the following things:

1) Material: Halloween Wigs are made up of either human hair or synthetic hair.

2) Budget: Decide your budget.

3) Reusability: Some Halloween Wigs are one-time use, and some can be used many times.

 How to wear your Wig:

1) First, secure your natural hair. Your hair should be as flat as possible. Distribute hair on each side.

2) Wig cap helps to protect your natural hair from potential damage. Prefer nude Wig cap or one which is close to your skin tone.

3) Apply baby powder that matches your skin tone to the wig cap.

4) Handle the Wig from its base; never grab it by the hair. 

5) To put on the wig cap start at the nape area and pull it to the forehead. Use toupee clips for a better hold.

6) Decide & adjust the part as per your need.

7) Apply powder to the parting space to make it look more vivid.

8) Tuck the hair inside the Wig cap that is visible outside.

How to care for your Halloween Wig?

Maintaining your expensive Halloween Wigs is necessary to ensure the Wigs last longer & look new every time you wear. Here are the steps about how to maintain it.

1) Detangle: Carefully detangle the hair before you proceed to wash.

2) Wash: Mix a shampoo in a cold water bowl. Soak your Wig for a few minutes.

3) Rinse: Remove the shampoo using cold water. Do not squeeze your Wig.

4) Conditioner: Apply conditioner from roots towards ends. Wash it after 5 Minutes.

5) Dry the Halloween Wig: Dry the Wig by placing it beneath the towel. Do not squeeze or rub.

6) Washing Frequency: Washing the Wigs every 6-8 wearing is recommended. Washing it frequently will lessen its lifetime.

Do's and Don'ts for Halloween Wigs:

1) Expose to heat: Don't expose the Halloween Wigs to the heat as this will permanently damage and scorch the hair fibres. Keep it away from barbeque grills, stoves, and ovens.

2) Hair products use: Use only the hair products that are specially designed for the Halloween Wigs. Do not use regular shampoo, conditioner, gel or hair spray as this will dull the fibres and lessen the life span.

3) Brush the Wigs: Do not brush the Wigs when it is wet. This may permanently harm the fibre. Use only the combs & brushes that are specially designed for the Halloween Wigs.

You are ready to slay! Have a spooky Halloween!