If you are a budding entrepreneur who loves fashion, you would certainly be attracted by the idea of creating your very own line of top- notch fashion apparel, yet you might think that this is out of your range financially. After all, designing and manufacturing your own label has never been a cheap exercise, yet there are specialist garment manufacturers with an in-house design team who specialise in creating clothing lines for retailers.

Decide on your Medium
Basically, you have two potential platforms; a traditional bricks and mortar retail outlet, or an e-commerce website, and while both have their advantages, setting up a plush boutique is never going to be cheap. If you can afford it, a store in the CBD of the city would be ideal, but you are going to invest much less if you sell your garments online, and this is a decision that only you can make. Obviously, the more you invest, the more pressure there is to be successful, and if a trendy boutique is out of your grasp, start online and gradually work towards having retail space. Rome was not built in a day and every business has to start small and grow over time.

Designing your Line of Clothing
You will need to partner up with a high-end clothing manufacturer; one that offers a design service and is flexible enough to accommodate your concept. You might need some professional help designing your own logo – something a good graphic designer can handle – and with the right fabrics and design elements, your line if clothing will exceed even your expectations. Wherever you happen to be based in Australia, connect with Hingto Activewear Manufacturing, who offer a range of services from a complete design from scratch, to using predesigned clothing and adding your branding.

Quality Fabrics
If you are going to attract the right clientele, your products must be made with the finest fabrics, and, of course, would be priced accordingly. Research tells us that people have no issues with paying top prices if the garments are top quality, so don’t skimp when it comes to using the very best of everything.

Easy to Use Online Templates
It couldn’t be any easier to create your garments, with special online templates that allow you to design the garments and once this has been done, a few samples can be made for your approval. If all is well, then production can begin and you can focus on other aspects of your new business, such as marketing and customer service.

Digital Marketing Plan
Whether selling online or through a retail outlet, you will need a digital marketing plan that includes a lavish launch – making sure that all the right media are present – while also defining your target groups and deciding how best to reach them. You will need to design and build an elegant website, which will either be your sole outlet, or will add credibility to your retail store, and there’s no reason why you can’t sell your clothing in both retail environments.

Limited Collections
Any garment retailer that wants to create a desire for their products only has to limit each design to a small number, as this makes your garments ever more desirable in the eyes of the wealthy consumer, who, of course, only wears the very best apparel.