Are you Instagram user? Which type of account do you use? It can either be your personal profile, or business profile. But on which side are you?

Well as it turns out, if you are using Instagram for a casual purpose, then you will be having a personal profile. But if you are looking forward to more opportunities such as marketing and stuff, then you would have also checked out business profiles. They have some extra features, over which the ordinary or personal profile misses out. 

Here are those differences. 
The differences between personal and business Instagram account
1) The first difference between a personal account and business account on Instagram, is of Instagram insights. The insights feature is very important as it allows the account owner to plan his activity and then target the right audience, so that he gets likes and comments on his posts and videos. Do some A/B tests to figure out for yourself whether it’s worth turning your business account private or not. Therefore, this is one of the major differences.

2) The second difference is that on a business profile, you can share your contact details. You can share your e-mail address, phone number and other details. If you have a big list of followers, then this is a step which you may not want to skip. In other case, what you may need is to boost the number of your Instagram followers, and you can do it fast by this link from Krootez, a trusted dealer known in the niche for years. From here your subscribers will find your page trusted and popular and will like your content, and if they ever feel like reaching out to you, then definitely your contact details will play the major part. 

3) The third important difference between a personal profile and business profile is that you get the feature of allowing advertisements too. If you know the goal and your target audience, then you have the option of triggering advertisements. That will also help your account in growing, and your business in expanding. 

4) You also get the feature of seeing and analysing the activity of your followers, with a business account. Therefore, it can be quite helpful in planning the type of content you would want to post in the future. 

5) The other difference is that it allows you to manage everything nicely. You can even target population as per your requirement. 

Instagram likes
Well, there is another difference between a personal account and business account. 
If you are using a personal account, then you may not feel the need of buying Instagram likes. But with a business account, your primary purpose will be to attract and engage as many followers as you can, because it will also allow you to grow your business. Therefore, in case of business accounts, account owners also buy Instagram likes, for getting the best out of their page. 

In a business, the importance of Instagram likes is the most. They not only assure, that you attract organic followers, but they also make sure that your page become famous and that you reach the top.

In conclusion, these are some of the main differences between a personal account and business account, which create the real-world difference. And these features allow both the types to function differently.