How to become an influencer? Ever since, the term influencer has become a known term to all. Many have wondered what an influencer does but, above all, how to become an influencer. Among the most sought-after niche, there is certainly that of fashion, so the most coveted question is how to become a fashion influencer? Let's start with the basics.

Is being an influencer a job?
If you still don't know who the influencers are and what they do. Well, we're here to fix it. But in 2020, you can no longer do without knowing what it is and who is behind this new professional figure. Yes, because when we talk about influencers, we also talk about influencer marketing and money. When a person invoices and earns from a business, this can be defined as one's job. In fact, for most of us, the difference between hobbies and work lies in the fact of earning, then the job coincides with a passion, something we love very much, or something that is our hobby.

Who are the influencers?

An influencer is a person who, through his channels (social, media, blogs, website, web, etc.), can influence the people who follow him. This sphere of influence does not necessarily only concern products, things, and objects, but also issues, topics, fashions. Some people do not have a very large community of followers, but they can raise topics of discussion which are then taken up by others, making it a topical topic or lifting the veil on certain topics.

How do you "measure" an influencer?

An influencer is not measured only by numbers. You can't say that who has 1000 followers on Instagram has less influence than who has 100,000 Instagram followers, far from it which you can get from Often the opposite is true, and these people and commercial realities understand it more. An influencer is a "title" that does not "self-impose" itself, but it is the recognition that others give you, or with which professionals define certain figures and personalities. It is certainly a job, so we get to the most interesting point for you who got this far.

How to become a fashion influencer?

The bad news is that there is no "method"; the good news is that everyone can be and become one. If there was a certain method of becoming an influencer, it would be very simple, and everyone would do it. There is no way or thing to do, but there are things to watch out for.

1. Research

Do research; it is not only the best, or those who made it, but also Instagram, marketing, social media, and communication in general. Knowing the medium, you use allows you to exploit it and make the best use of it.

2. The passion that moves everything

It takes passion and a strong personal taste to do this job. The web is full of professionals, competition is fierce, and the only way to emerge is to focus on originality.

3. Get to know Instagram and use it authentically

Learn more about all aspects of using Instagram. You will need it to "not be left behind."

4. Constancy always pays

As also for Instagram, it takes perseverance. You must always offer new content and update your Instagram profile. Nobody pays you to do it, and this is the most challenging thing because creating content, quality takes a lot of time and a good dose of organization.